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Full List of Enjin Coin (ENJ) Partnerships & Games (2019/2020)

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I’m putting together this series where I try to gather as much information as possible about some of the bigger projects out there, this Ripple partnership list. I really think we could do with a reliable place where there is a thorough list of partn...

What Is Decentraland (MANA)? - [A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Decentraland]

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In the past few years, the world of blockchain has been criticized continuously by both outsiders and skeptics. Their typical argument is usually more about the lack of real use-cases rather than about the underlying technology itself. Yes, most dec...

Eight Enjin-Based Blockchain Projects That Are Redefining Gaming As We Know It

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In a previous post, I wrote about how blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the gaming industry. The biggest game changer (no pun intended), is that censorship-resistant blockchains will allow gamers to have true ownership of their in-game it...

Get Your Crypto Nickname & Play Multiverse Games

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It’s time for some fun! What Nickname would you like to have in the crypto space? Enjin has launched a special page that will automatically generate a nickname for you. 🙂 Head over to this page and get your own! Einstein Kovan sounds perfect for us 🙂...

Game Distribution Platform Ultra Aims to Return Power to Players and Developers

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With nearly one in every three people on earth playing video games, electronic entertainment has become an enormous industry. Revenue generated by the PC gaming industry alone was an estimated 32 billion dollars in 2017, and is increasing at a rate o...

Key Reasons Why Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Gaming

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Since the release of Bitcoin over eleven years ago, people have thought of a wide range of potential use cases for blockchain technology. Some of the most revolutionary applications are likely to be identity, governance, and decentralized finance (De... -A New Game on the Steem Blockchain-

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Hello my dear with writers here on Publish0x. This is my frist Post here on Publish0x ,so it might not be so good looking as my Posts on Steemit . With Time it will get better i Promise . Today i want to write about a RPG Style Browsergame on the Ste...

Splinterlands has still kept me hooked. Go for Gold.

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I used to post consistently about my reward cards, quests and league progress after every season. It was interesting to keep track of all the cards that were added to my collection as well as the value of them and how much you could earn playing the...

Splinterlands Integrates With Ethereum And Communities Update

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Splinterlands continues to be the groundbreaking project on Steem. The team there is moving quickly to expand the reach. Already the leading application on Steem based upon the number of users, it now is trying its hand at the Ethereum blockchain. Wh...

Splinterlands Cards & DEC Now on Ethereum Blockchain

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Splinterlands (formerly called Steem Monsters) is one of the most popular blockchain games with a big community and constant updates. In fact, it’s so popular that in August 2019, it achieved over 1 Million USD in transactions between players. Based...