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A Brief Introduction into Banano and its Free Crypto Distribution through Faucet Games

1 week ago banano $2.24 (689.9773 BNTY)

BANANO now also has found its way to Publish0x, so here's a brief introduction: What BANANO is, and why you should have a closer look. What is BANANO? In short, BANANO is a feeless, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology distrupti...

Enjin Coin

1 week ago CryptoFallen $0.01 (2.0721 BNTY)

Enjin is an Ethereum based wallet, for Ethereum-based tokens, which is great to use with collectables. It also can be used to hold Bitcoin, Litecoin and Enjin Coins. The great features from the Enjin Wallet is the top-of-the-line security architectur...