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Diwali is a Symbol of Enlightenment

13 Nov 2023 1 minute read 5 comments Debesh Choudhury

What is Diwali? Diwali is not just a festival of lights and crackers. Diwali is a token activity of enlightenment of the human soul. Source   Diwali is a symbol of enlightenment. Diwali is a symbol of enlightenment, to free our minds from all sor...

Preparation For Holidays

26 Jun 2023 2 minute read 1 comment shohana1

Pixabay Image How many of you forget the definition of holidays? Life getting tougher with the time and we sink into work to make money and forget living life. I'll plan my holidays after turning 40 (if I'm blessed enough to stay alive) because I've...

What Exactly IS Christmas?

25 Dec 2023 1 minute read 3 comments CodyMac50

Regardless if you are a believer in the Messiah, Yashua, (Jesus Christ) and his resurrection or not, the festival is known the the majority of humanity. It's always on the 25th of December and is the reason many people make new years resolutions on J...

Diwali Delights: Let’s Get Happy, “Experiencing the Adventure of Light and Joy”

19 Nov 2023 2 minute read 0 comments letssittt

Let’s experience the thrill of our lives this time round during Diwali period that is full with lights and joy. One of the most important and widely celebrated festivals in India is Diwali which is also called Deepavali. This is five day celebration...

Festival of Lights - Happy Diwali

12 Nov 2023 2 minute read 0 comments Bala

Diwali is one of the important festivals in India. It is celebrated in a unique way in every family and also based on where the people belong to. In North India, it is celebrated differently, and in South India, the celebration is a little different....

Its Raining On Eid Day

29 Jun 2023 2 minute read 1 comment shohana1

Pixabay Image First of all, Eid Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world. Its celebration time but its raining outside. Eid is a festival that come twice or sometime thrice in a year and two eid is very closer because these tw...

Kaarthigai Deepam - Festival of Lamps

19 Nov 2021 1 minute read 0 comments Bala

Today for a change I wanted to write a different article that had nothing to do with crypto but something interesting. This is a festival we celebrate in our place every year. A few decades back this used to be one of the biggest festivals celebrated...

Diwali - Festival of lights and crackers

16 Nov 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Bala

This weekend was the Diwali festival for us. Yeah, I know that I'm writing about it after two days but as it was the first Diwali after my marriage, it was a very busy Diwali weekend. I had to visit my in-law's house and we celebrated Diwali there. I...

Did You Try Any Flash Sale In This Christmas Shopping?

24 Dec 2022 2 minute read 0 comments shohana1

Created Using: canva What's up guys? How is going your Christmas celebration. We don't celebrate it physically but as a part of virtual world we almost part of this celebration at least virtually. As always my curious mind was asking something and...

Vivid Light Festival: Sydney (AUSTRALIA)

18 Jun 2022 2 minute read 0 comments bengy

  On a recent visit to Sydney for work, I was told about an ongoing light festival that was happening in the Sydney City area. Well, I've seen some pretty cool light festivals in Europe... so, I was definitely keen to go out and see what Australia...