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How to install Brave Browser on Fedora Silverblue

12 Jul 2020 5 minute read 11 comments ProngsDark

1. Quick info on Fedora Silverblue Fedora Silverblue is a spin of the popular Fedora Gnu/Linux distribution, which looks the same, but is fundamentally different in the way it works. There is a clear distinction between system files and user files,...

Fedora Silverblue. The future of Linux distributions.

18 May 2020 5 minute read 22 comments ProngsDark

Fedora is a huge distribution and like any other huge distribution it has a bunchof spins or as they are known as to people that use Ubuntu, flavours. Now, flavours are just cosmetic changes put on top of the distribution base. For example, Ubuntu M...

Linux spring: upcoming distribution releases

20 Apr 2020 7 minute read 8 comments ProngsDark

Spring is already halfway through and this means we are going to see the Linux world release two of the major distributions that influence and shape the Linux landscape, Ubuntu and Fedora. Each year Ubuntu releases two versions, one in April and the...

Fedora 31 Released.

29 Oct 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Yasin

  Version 31 of Fedora, one of the most widely used Linux distributions, has been released. Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller has announced the release of Fedora 31 on Fedora Magazine. It’s here! We’re proud to announce the release of Fedora 31....