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Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized computing platform founded by Vitalik ButerinCharles Hoskinson, and many others. Development began in 2014, with the official release occurring in mid-2015. Described by Buterin as a decentralized computing platform, Ethereum is a more wide-ranging application of the Decentralized Ledger Technology pioneered by Bitcoin

Ethereum was designed with the intention of having a scripting language for application development, which Bitcoin lacks. Dapps (decentralized apps)  are now some of the most intense research and development areas in the digital currency space. As mentioned by Buterin, Ethereum trades some security for versatility, though the development team is working extensively on improving security and scalability. 

Though it does take inspiration from Bitcoin, it differs in many ways. One notable difference is that the consensus mechanism algorithm gives ASICs less of an advantage. Block times range from 10 - 15 seconds as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. One notable incident in Ethereum’s history occurred in 2016, when a smart contract flaw resulted in the theft of approximately $50 million worth of Ether. This subsequently resulted in a hard fork, splitting the Ethereum blockchain in Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Ethereum itself, like Bitcoin, has inspired many projects, including rival platforms that seek to address the shortcomings of Ethereum. These platforms include EOS and Tron, which at the moment are its two closest competing platforms. Ethereum’s purpose of creating a platform for decentralized applications is its most vaunted aspect, as dapps are widely considered to bring the next era of adoption as specific, well-developed and user friendly crypto-based applications bring legitimacy to digital assets in the wider world.

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Get your CryptantCrab Starter Packs now for 25% off!

20 Aug 2019 1 minute read 4 comments CryptantCrab

With the tournament in sight, we are offering valuable discounts for all players. In particular, our Starter Pack will be going on sale for 0.1490 ETH, which includes 2 crabs, Double EXP, x4 Daily Rewards, and 3 Extra Team Slots!   The First Cryptant...

Free Cloud Mining of Phoneum Token on mobile

20 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments DimitarM

Phoneum is a free mobile phone based crypto coin that can be cloud mined for free on your smartphone or tablet. It is available on Android and just recently on iOS. This is my referral link: The reward is 200 PHM f...

What is BAT?

20 Aug 2019 2 minute read 0 comments nervi

BAT, or Basic Attention Token, is a dynamically developing token and very fast gaining popularity. Let's take a closer look at this cryptocurrency. Basic Attention Token is an open source, decentralized platform based on Blockchain Ethereum network,...

BlockBurn: Listing in BW Exchange what to Expect.

20 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments alberdioni8406

The last week was Epic to the Blockburn Project and was surely a very intense week and all Community participated in Mass and very engaged to make the Brand BlockBurn very visible in the crypto space. Finally the $BURN token is live and Trading at BW...

L7Trade - Day 26 Profits Update 📈 | CryptoHands - Day 7 Profits Update 💲💲💲 | Bitstadium - a new Adventure 😁

19 Aug 2019 10 minute read 5 comments carpediem

Good evening everybody, how is everybody doing today? Wanted to give you a quick update on my shenanigans ;)   On my previous posts i have shared about two new platforms I recently joined to see what is it all about.   You are welcome to check them o...

L7 TRADE Update Arbitration Robot

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments josevilla774

This is an arbitration robot that is working in the best way, the minimum amount in ETH is 0.5 which is the currency in which it is recommended to invest because of the speed of transaction it has, you can also do it for BTC, LTC, XRP and more coins...

This Bitcoin-based DeFi project takes its services to Latin America

19 Aug 2019 6 minute read 0 comments MonoBlack

The co-founder of the company plans to have 10,000 users by December 2019. They offer loans in BTC in Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Peru and Costa Rica.   One of the main objectives of Bitcoin is to decentralize finances, allowing b...

Review the EDC Blockchain wallet for Android

19 Aug 2019 4 minute read 0 comments afif

   Hello Friends, this time I will bring back the topic of the EDC Blockchain especially is the experience of using an EDC wallet for Android smartphones.We need to know that in terms of the volume of devices used, Android dominates iOS with a large...

ETH Hovers Above $200 - Last Moment To Buy At This Price?

19 Aug 2019 2 minute read 1 comment CryptoChartWizard91

Ethereum has seen a nice 3.77% price rebound over the past 24 hours which has allowed the price for the cryptocurrency to rise back above the $200 level once again! Ethereum had been struggling this past month after dropping by a total of 14% over th...

RAKUTEN - Japanese e-commerce giant launches crypto exchange platform to support BTC, ETH and BCH

19 Aug 2019 1 minute read 3 comments Cryptonewscom

The crypto market is increasingly caught in the eyes of "big man" when the number of institutional investors is increasing Considered Japan's Amazon, e-commerce giant Rakuten announced the launch of its electronic money trading platform, with the na...