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Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralized computing platform founded by Vitalik ButerinCharles Hoskinson, and many others. Development began in 2014, with the official release occurring in mid-2015. Described by Buterin as a decentralized computing platform, Ethereum is a more wide-ranging application of the Decentralized Ledger Technology pioneered by Bitcoin

Ethereum was designed with the intention of having a scripting language for application development, which Bitcoin lacks. Dapps (decentralized apps)  are now some of the most intense research and development areas in the digital currency space. As mentioned by Buterin, Ethereum trades some security for versatility, though the development team is working extensively on improving security and scalability. 

Though it does take inspiration from Bitcoin, it differs in many ways. One notable difference is that the consensus mechanism algorithm gives ASICs less of an advantage. Block times range from 10 - 15 seconds as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. One notable incident in Ethereum’s history occurred in 2016, when a smart contract flaw resulted in the theft of approximately $50 million worth of Ether. This subsequently resulted in a hard fork, splitting the Ethereum blockchain in Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Ethereum itself, like Bitcoin, has inspired many projects, including rival platforms that seek to address the shortcomings of Ethereum. These platforms include EOS and Tron, which at the moment are its two closest competing platforms. Ethereum’s purpose of creating a platform for decentralized applications is its most vaunted aspect, as dapps are widely considered to bring the next era of adoption as specific, well-developed and user friendly crypto-based applications bring legitimacy to digital assets in the wider world.

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There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies to invest in, and with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to make a decision. To make matters worse, it’s commonly said that 99 percent of cryptos are doomed to fail and will eventually become wort...

Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) a Good Investment?

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Hard forks occur every now and then, and they bring with some vitriol and shouting matches. A hard fork is a pretty big deal for every blockchain network, as it means permanent change and, sometimes, dissension.  There have been few incidents more co...

What is Ethereum (ETH)? — 'Smart Way to do Business' — Beginner's Guide

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Ethereum was one of the first cryptocurrencies to be released (4 years after Bitcoin). Unlike most other “coins”, Ethereum was established under the premise of bringing the idea of smart contracts to the world. Smart contracts are financial commitmen...

Deposited Wrong to Okex? Guide to Get Coins Back

3 days ago 1 minute read kingscrown $2.08 tipped

Sometimes when doing deposits to exchanges you can do a mistake.. Ie send STEEM to SBD, send BTC to BCH or use wrong memo on a lot of things. Every exchange has different ways to operate that, but 99% times ends with KYC. Okex is an amazing spot, if...


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      You begin in the center of town, livin’ la Vida trunk. Across from you, there is a large Christmas tree. This is your first view of Talmuth. Your journey to find the Forgotten Artifacts through the newly introduced quests starts here. Run thr...

Simply impressive - One reason why I own $Hydro

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Hi Everyone, Over the coming months I will be trying to share various opinions, perspectives and insights. Previously I talked about staying positive and some insight into how I make my Crypto investment investment choices and why that keeps me on co...

Easily trade tokens from Metamask WITHOUT sending them anywhere first

22 hours ago 1 minute read DragoNate $1.04 tipped

As per my previous post about stuck transactions, I know that Metamask isn't the most user friendly ETH & token wallet out there. However, many people use it, including myself & probably many more will in the future. If you like to store your ERC tok...

Two Special Events in Battle Racers

21 hours ago 1 minute read egamersio $1.04 tipped

In addition to the season1 crate sale, BattleRacers is hosting two special events similar to the previous Axie Infinity Crates Sale. As a reminder Battle Racers is already available to play so any parts purchased now are instantly available in the ga...

Project Hydro Developer Update: December 9th 2019

11 hours ago 6 minute read Hydro Labs $0.79 tipped

Happy December to the Hydro community! Lots of protocol and ecosystem development has taken place since we last went into the weeds so let’s jump right in. Each Hydro protocol plays an important role in ecosystem development. It lays a solid foundat...

Tezuka & MyCryptoHeroes Collaboration

1 day ago 1 minute read egamersio $0.75 tipped

The Tezuka collaboration starts on December 10th. Welcome to the world of MCH, where your time, investments, and passion will become your assets. From December 10th, the famous Tezuka characters “Astro Boy”, ”Buddha”, and ”Sarutahiko” will join our H...