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Ethereum again on the resistance of 200 dollars.

1 week ago cryptovato1 $0.19 (33.9051 BNTY)

Let's get the bull run party started for our Ethereum, it increased 15% in the last 24 hours. Other important guests who are attending this party are: Hydro and Basic Attention Token. Last time when Ethereum reached level of 200 dollars, it was on No...

The Pillar Wallet: Your new favorite wallet for all your tokens (incl. collectibles!!)

2 weeks ago connecteconomy $9.77 (1,740.2708 BNTY)

Are you familiar with the Pillar wallet yet?  If not, it's worth checking out, especially if you're a writer here on Publish0x and don't know where to store the tokens you earn. I haven't withdrawn any of my tokens yet, but I will soon - as you can s...

Loads of news from KuCoin Exchange

2 weeks ago kingscrown $0.18 (31.4301 BNTY)

KuCoin exchange needs no KYC, works same as Binance just has different colors and loads of pairs that other spots do not have. Anyway here is some cool news from them that may want you to check this spot. KCS Burn If you read Passive Income from Cryp...