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The Six Dragons Announced Alpha Release in Waves

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Oh-my-God! Everyone in the Multiverse is talking about The Six Dragons Alpha release following an official announcement that dropped like an epic beat in Skrillex’s show. While they didn’t mention any date, the scenarios are on fire with people tryin...

Enjin Expands in Japan Through A Strategic Partnership with HashPort

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The leading gaming blockchain, Enjin, announced a strategic partnership with the Japanese accelerator HashPort to further expand into the Japanese gaming community, the world’s third-largest games market. HashPort, a popular accelerator in Japan will...

The Six Dragons Join Blockchain Game Alliance

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Great news for the upcoming blockchain & multiverse game The Six Dragons as it recently announced that its now a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The announcement was made an hour ago by TSD through twitter and states that together with BGA, t...