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How did i make $1,000,000 with Crypto and how am i broke again :)

1 week ago SniperMax $2.33 (718.1983 BNTY)

Hello all   In this post ill describe my crypto - journey from 2013 when i had my first Bitcoin till today 2019.   Highlights: - why do i love shitcoins - how did i turned $1 into 1 BTC - what did i spend million on :)   First of all hello to everybo...

First payout of publish0x

2 weeks ago Claudio $2.23 (684.8879 BNTY)

Hey :)   I just got my first payout of this site.  Want to show you that its working good. And all is legit :)      They pay out every monday. Im glad i found this site. its perfect to earn something in the bearmarket.      I just send it to my ETH...