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Dlike — Get Paid To Share Links

4 weeks ago virtugrana $0.02 (12.1057 HYDRO)

A decentralized community driven platform which rewards its contributors and is run by its community.   What is Dlike? Dlike is a steem blockchain based dApp where everyone can share links just like Reddit and Pinterest. The main difference amon...

Dlike - Get Rewarded If Community Likes

4 weeks ago virtugrana $0.02 (12.9016 HYDRO)

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is increasingly a trend to use blockchain to produce applications. In this case, we’re talking about dapps. Dapps are decentralized applications that are blockchain-based software — in essence, a mechanism capable...

Axonomy 9th round of Voting Campaign will launch on March 20

18 Mar 2019 CryptoFallen $0.02 (12.3680 HYDRO)

It‘s official! The 9th Round Voting campaign is starting on 20th March 2019     Hello Axonomy Fellows! Sorry to keep you waiting so long! Now 9th Voting Campaign is officially announced.   Campaign Period:20:00 20.03.2019– 20:00 27.03.2019   ww...

Two Decentralized Applications To Keep An Eye On

16 Mar 2019 Consensus Report $0.20 (120.0531 HYDRO)

The decentralized application (DAPP) world is being dominated by two platforms at the moment, that being Tron and EOS. These blockchain's ability to process a large number of transactions per second make them a go-to development launch pad for develo...

How To Get EOS And Start Using Dapps And Earning a Passive Income – A comprehensive guide to the EOS ecosystem

1 Mar 2019 Eosmastering $3.65 (2,158.6720 HYDRO)

Originally posted on Trybe I am not sure if I could make a more tabloid headline, but the purpose of this post is to help people from outside crypto learn how to onboard EOS. Ever so often you see some confused soul stumble into the EOS telegram or s...

Musicoin gives the power back to Musicians | Interview with Founder Isaac Mao

28 Feb 2019 djlethalskillz $0.05 (31.7234 HYDRO)

Check out this great interview with Musicoin founder Isaac Mao to learn more about Musicoin and the power it's giving musicians with the Blockchain technology and Musicoin platform