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Introducing Hydro Snowflake Dashboard

1 week ago Javier Zafra $2.84 (872.5204 BNTY)

Now, that Hydro Community is growing and getting more popular, is a good moment to introduce yourself in Snowflake Dashboard, the Hydro DApp Store built over Snowflake protocol, that is currently available on Rinkeby network.  First, it's important t...

State of the Dapps - Explore Decentralized Applications

3 weeks ago Blockchain Enthusiast $0.03 (10.1982 BNTY)

I find this website very useful in order to know how the world of the Dapps are going. You can order the list by most used and you can also see usage statistics? don't know if you know it already. If you don't know it...

Conversion from tokens earned on Dapps to other currencies, both crypto or fiat, should be EASY before mass adoption

3 weeks ago Blockchain Enthusiast $0.23 (71.1415 BNTY)

  One of the things that should be done in order to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrency and Dapps is make the process of convert one currency, lets' say AMP, to another currency  EASY.I mean, actually, if you want to convert the tokens earned in...