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DeFi Safety 102: Multi-sig Setups and Gnosis Safe

22 May 2024 6 minute read 1 comment Michael @ CryptoEQ

You are reading an excerpt from our free but shortened abridged report! While still packed with incredible research and data, for just $40/month you can upgrade to our FULL library of 60+ reports (including this one) and complete industry-leading ana...

Is MetaMask opening up to Bitcoin?

24 May 2024 1 minute read 0 comments KMatt

MetaMask, the most used crypto wallet in the world with over 20 million active users, could be ready to integrate support for Bitcoin. An implementation which, if confirmed, would represent an important step towards a more interoperable and accessibl...

The CoolWallet Pro - A Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Review

20 May 2024 9 minute read 3 comments Disguycrypto

In the constantly changing realm of cryptocurrencies, where digital assets are extremely valuable, having a safe and dependable method to store and handle your money is now crucial. Of all the wallet alternatives available, today we look into the Coo...

Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets: Advantages and Limitations

19 Apr 2024 3 minute read 0 comments SimpleSwap

Maintaining anonymity in the digital space today is an unnecessary option for some and a principle for others. Dealing with cryptocurrencies initially implied complete anonymity, but over time and with the increasing influence of centralized platform...

Securing Your Digital Wallet: Best Practices for Keeping Your Funds Safe

13 Jul 2023 4 minute read 0 comments ChangeNOW

Physical wallets can be replaced by simple and safeguarded digital wallets. A digital wallet, also called an "e-wallet," is a software application that enables two parties to conduct electronic trades by exchanging online currency units for services...

Top 5 Best Crypto Wallets for 2024

3 Jan 2024 3 minute read 24 comments SimpleSwap

The use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life is becoming a norm: storing funds in crypto wallets rather than in banks no longer surprises or scares users. By the end of 2023, experts and cryptocurrency market analysts presented a list of the best cry...

Installing And Running Trust Wallet App In Windows 10

4 Dec 2020 2 minute read 33 comments Smoljanović

Installing And Running Trust Wallet App In Windows 10 Introduction Trust wallet is a popular DEX wallet I can truly trust and recommend to anyone looking for uncompromising security and reliability. There is both an IOS and Android version for mobil...

PSA: Many Insecure Banano Vault Seeds Have Been Compromised

25 Jan 2024 5 minute read 6 comments banano

TLDR:After the Banano Vault web-wallet was shut down, the Banano team was helping various users recover/transfer their funds from Vault to the TheBananoStand web-wallet which is actively maintained. It was discovered that multiple users had used...

Hot vs. Cold Crypto Wallets

11 Jul 2023 5 minute read 3 comments ChangeNOW

In recent years the need for secure storage of digital assets has become more important than ever. Crypto wallets are digital storage solutions that allow users to store, send, and receive digital currencies securely. However, not all crypto wallets...

Wallet and Abstraction Technologies: The Future of Cryptocurrency

14 Jun 2023 1 minute read 7 comments InsideCrypto

Hi everyone, we are back with another episode of our podcast allowing you to get to know people working behind the scenes of the crypto industry. Today we are joined by Michael Messele who is the CEO of Etherspot, an all-in-one, EVM-compatible framew...