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8 hours ago Lekato $0.13 (22.8610 BNTY)

The continuous adoption of crypto-currency is hindered due to the growing and falling of crypto-currency exchange activities. This is the principal irregularity that ought to be eliminated once and for all if there will be ever be progress in the cry...

altenatives of coinbase in india and other countries

1 day ago Gaurav $0.02 (3.2867 BNTY)

well namaste, free hydro seekers this is GAURAV  well so i joined publish0x 3 days ago and i have earned hydro to get a payout, so i was thinking to invest in crypto, but hey i am from INDIA, gov. here is quite strict about crypto , so i was searchin...


1 day ago Lekato $0.21 (38.2477 BNTY)

Today's write-up is about an interesting project with great qualities and potential. Nothing can actually bring a lot of pleasure and enthusiasm like writing approximately an innovative architecture that integrate the fiat and crypto-curren...


1 day ago Ridjal $1.29 (230.3205 BNTY)

This guide is to help newcomers to buy CREA easily. If this is your first experience related to the purchase of a cryptocurrency don’t worry, with this simple step-by-step guide you will find out how easy it can be to get your first cryptocurrencies....

Cryptocurrency - Trading, Investing, Profits, and Losses. A Beginners Guide.

3 days ago Black Parallax at My Airdrops Club $1.11 (197.7868 BNTY)

This article has been posted on other blogs and is my own work and intellectual property that I am sharing on Publish0x network. I am Australian, and we spell words differently to other English speaking countries. We often substitute the ‘z’ for ‘s...

Beware of platforms that use Ponzi and Matrix

6 days ago Casimiro1993 $0.03 (6.1438 BNTY)

Hello dear reader and reader, here is Philip once again, to talk to you about a very serious matter, for you who are an investor, or love investing in currency or traditional currencies, or are trying to enter this world of online investors and make...

Litecoin hits 99997,9 USD per coin ATH!

1 week ago kingscrown $0.18 (32.3939 BNTY)

This is not a joke and not from some illiquid exchange.This happened today on Binance at LTC/PAX pair. Keep in mind withdrawals from Binance are closed until todays maitenance that will take 5-6 hours. Sick things may be happening till then. So now...

ETH / BTC technical analysis [BINANCE]

1 week ago MrBullishSail $1.44 (256.8670 BNTY)

ETH seen from the temporality of 1W we can observe that it is in excellent zone of purchase, it is the third test on the zone of demand. In relation to the BTC, ethereum is waiting for the dominance of the BTC to begin to fall to have a strong upward...

THETA / BTC technical analysis [BINANCE]

1 week ago MrBullishSail $1.17 (208.1777 BNTY)

THETA seen from the temporality of 1W we can see how the previous candle has closed below the trend resistance and the horizontal, this for the moment is a great signal to sell, however, we should wait for confirmation with the current candle that fo...

Crypto News - Bitcoin breaks through the $6,300 level to print yet another high for the year

1 week ago getFIFO $0.04 (6.8015 BNTY)

Since airing on Friday, prices have soared over $1000 and are already on their way back down again   Signup @ for your free trading account today! Join our ever growing community for updates:Twitter: