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NaNote — Have customers send details with your Nano transactions

3 days ago kilrizzy $1.32 (386.3215 BNTY)

Nano allows super fast transactions with zero fees, everybody knows that! So why wouldn’t you want to receive Nano payments from your customers? is an additional layer implementing the BrainBlocks Nano checkout system to take payments as w...

Fundstrat Says Bitcoin Fundamentals Should Turn Positive

1 week ago Gary Leland $0.01 (2.1298 BNTY)

Subscribe now @ Enable Alexa @ Fundstrat Global Advisors, a New York investment advisory outfit, expects Bitcoin’s fundamentals to Improve. Take a look at the bitcoin Conference I am hosti...

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 2/90 +$6.07

1 week ago SniperMax $0.23 (66.6150 BNTY)

$0 to $1000,000 DAY 2/90   Hello all. Sorry for writing and publishing Day 2 article few hrs late, but it was Friday night and i went with my girl friend (not girlfriend, just a friend who happens to be a girl) on a night out. We know each other for...

Bitcoin Donations Going to Hamas

2 weeks ago Gary Leland $0.02 (6.3571 BNTY)

An Israeli blockchain intelligence firm claims to have identified proof that donations in Bitcoin are reaching Hamas. If you listen to podcasts visit or ######## MY WEBSITES ######...

Criminals Use Bitcoin

2 weeks ago Gary Leland $0.07 (19.9301 BNTY)

In the ten years of Bitcoin’s existence much has been made about its supposed utility for criminals, given that criminal acts are estimated to account for less than 1% of all transactions occurring on the Bitcoin network, such headlines seem entirel...

Don't Ignore These Moments

2 weeks ago Michelle Lucia $0.12 (36.6536 BNTY)

I have sat down to play with my kids many times, but not always with the most pure of intentions. My youngest will approach and ask if I have time to play Barbie, and I reluctantly agree to donate fifteen distracted minutes to playing, in order to ma...

Tom Lee Grilled By Fox News

3 weeks ago Gary Leland $0.02 (5.2341 BNTY)

Fundstrat Global Advisors co founder Tom Lee appeared on Fox News last week to talk about traditional markets and crypto. If you listen to podcasts visit or ######## MY WEBSITES ##...

McAfee to Run His Presidential Campaign in Exile

3 weeks ago Gary Leland $0.03 (7.6216 BNTY)

McAfee to Run His Presidential Campaign in Exile Watch and Subscribe now @  

Is Estonia the new Haven for Crypto Scammers?

3 weeks ago Daniel Pinkowski $0.03 (10.1469 BNTY)

Being new to this industry, but having a good business background  I occasionally go to website for news information to do my research. During my searches at the bottom of some of these news website I found promising Advertisements for making large...

Razy Trojan raids cryptocurrency

3 weeks ago ArcticSun $1.24 (365.2688 BNTY)

A new Trojan that steals cryptocurrency by targeting webpages, google searches and chrome browser extensions has been discovered by Kaspersky Labs. Named the Razy Trojan, it can install malicious browser extensions or infect already installed extensi...