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Can Brave Browser's Ad Matching Compete With Google And Facebook?

3 weeks ago 3 minute read littleboy $7.78 tipped

Brave Ads is a digital advertising platform powered by the brave browser. Though it is an advertising system, it works differently from current industry giants. By industry giants, I mean Google and Facebook because they dominate the digital advertis...

Everything you need to know about the Brave Browser and BAT token

24 Nov 2018 4 minute read Zoran Spirkovski $33.82 tipped

Imagine you got paid for viewing ads on the internet? Sounds unreal?  Brave & BAT are making this happen and they are growing fast.  Warning, after reading this, you will probably ditch your current browser and #SwitchToBrave. Thousands of companies...

Why Brave Ads Development Is Taking So Long

4 Mar 2019 2 minute read littleboy $16.05 tipped

Almost two years have passed since the Basic Attention Token initial coin offering (ICO). But the main product of BAT ecosystem, "Brave Ads" hasn't been shipped yet. This has certainly made many investors concerned about the future of BAT. I believe...

How to sign up for a Brave Creators account

17 Jul 2019 1 minute read littleboy $9.82 tipped

This post is a tutorial which will show you how to sign up to Brave Rewards as a creator and earn rewards for the content you post online. Please note that Brave Creators was previously BAT Publishers. It was renamed recently as Brave Creators. This...

An objective valuation of $BAT

2 weeks ago 3 minute read dios $4.52 tipped

Or, why I believe $BAT is worth $1.72 today! Crypto tokens by nature are notoriously hard to value, as there is typically no intrinsic value and the current price is usually driven by speculation and an assumption of future growth. Over the past few...