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Full List of Enjin Coin (ENJ) Partnerships & Games (2019/2020)

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I’m putting together this series where I try to gather as much information as possible about some of the bigger projects out there, this Ripple partnership list. I really think we could do with a reliable place where there is a thorough list of partn...

The RHOAM Genesis Items Sale Offers Some Exclusive Benefits & Profit Sharing

2 weeks ago 2 minute read egamersio $1.37 tipped

Following the MFT Presale, the RHOAM Genesis hotlist is now open, and more information is available for the ERC-1155 in-game items sale. When was the last time you gained an in-game item by using a social media platform? Or even better, when did you... -A New Game on the Steem Blockchain-

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Hello my dear with writers here on Publish0x. This is my frist Post here on Publish0x ,so it might not be so good looking as my Posts on Steemit . With Time it will get better i Promise . Today i want to write about a RPG Style Browsergame on the Ste...

Splinterlands has still kept me hooked. Go for Gold.

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I used to post consistently about my reward cards, quests and league progress after every season. It was interesting to keep track of all the cards that were added to my collection as well as the value of them and how much you could earn playing the...

Splinterlands Cards & DEC Now on Ethereum Blockchain

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Splinterlands (formerly called Steem Monsters) is one of the most popular blockchain games with a big community and constant updates. In fact, it’s so popular that in August 2019, it achieved over 1 Million USD in transactions between players. Based...

BitcoinHodler Launches Public Beta With Enjin Integration

2 days ago 1 minute read egamersio $0.27 tipped

How long can you HODL? After some beta testing in the early access mode, BitcoinHodler is now in public beta with Enjin integration enabled. Download the game for free on Google Play and iOS TestFlight. BitcoinHodler is a 2D hybrid blockchain mobile...

Splinterlands end of season showcase.

1 week ago 2 minute read niallon11 $0.21 tipped

It's been a while since I was posting about splinterlands but with the game going from strength to strength over the past year I am still as excited about it as the day I played my first tournament. Back when they were still manually organised with a...

Mircosoft's next-generation Xbox and partnership with Enjin!

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Microsoft revealed the name and console design stage at the recent Game Awards. The new Xbox is called Xbox Series X, and the new console looks like your desktop. The console is to be used both vertical as well as horizontal and will deliver 4 times...

Dissolution: The MMORPG Blockchain Game Join Now The Giveaway

22 Jun 2019 2 minute read egamersio $1.73 tipped

Join Now The Giveaway: We are giving away 100 Beta Keys to 100 winners!   While Enjin hasn’t announced anything yet, its a common secret that Dissolution, an upcoming FPS MMORPG game decided to switch over ERC 1155 from ERC 721. Dissolution sets the...

Matic, Elrond and Celer Price Analysis: Binance IEO Coins Pumping

30 Nov 2019 5 minute read daniejjimenez $1.88 tipped

Amid the recovery of the price of Bitcoin and the levels of market capitalization, there are some tokens that have had a respectable performance during the week and in large part during the month of November. We refer to cryptocurrencies issued throu...