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Ripple ripped into pieces in a new research report!

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Crypto Research Report's recent edition has extensive information on Ripple.  More like against Ripple. Report makes some thoughtful observations on the connection of Mt. Gox and Jed McCaleb who is behind Ripple.  It also sheds light on how XRP is no...

Roger Ver stoops to new lows; Hints affair between Jack Dorsey and Elizabeth Starks

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Roger Ver is generally considered an self inflated fart bag when it comes to his ridiculous claims and trolls.  He has outdone himself again.  This time - he decided to attack a woman's personal life. Irrespective of what he said is true or not, he h...

IBM files Patent for a Blockchain Based Browser - says privacy will be in the hands of users

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IBM file for a patent for a Blockchain Based Browser.  Main purpose, as stated in the patent, appears to be increasing the data privacy and security of user data.  The Patent filed notes that "the present invention supports a browser privacy mode in...