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Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneering digital currency invented by a yet-unknown individual or group of individuals presented as Satoshi Nakamoto. Early development began in 2008, during the financial crisis of 2008, with the landmark paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” being released on October 31, 2008. The primary purpose of Bitcoin is in the space of P2P financial transactions, though some supporters envision it more as a store of value.

Often called “Digital Gold” for its monetary properties which are similar to gold, the enduring popularity and market resilience of Bitcoin has encouraged the growth of other cryptocurrencies, and as a result it has come to be known as the “mother” or “father” of all cryptocurrencies. Initially limited to all but the most ardent technology enthusiasts, Bitcoin was responsible for convincing the masses that a P2P financial system devoid of middlemen and centralized was in fact possible, a characteristic made possible through its Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which incentivized good behavior.

Since its inception in early 2009, Bitcoin has been through a number of changes and incidents, yet continues to thrive as the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the famous Mt. Gox incident and several such cycles of price spikes and drops. The enduring nature of Bitcoin is a quality that is highly cherished by its proponents. Many tokens have been inspired by it, including similarly envisioned token Litecoin (LTC), which is often said to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Because of the popularity and established nature of Bitcoin, it is often the base pair with which other cryptocurrencies are traded.

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The Blueprint to Becoming Rich in Crypto

3 Feb 2023 5 minute read 6 comments johnwege

While the technology of cryptocurrency is incredibly exciting and has the potential to change the world. The truth is that most of us likely originally entered the crypto market with hopes of changing our lives financially. This could mean different...

Bitcoin Mining and Nuclear Power: The Obvious Marriage That Will Benefit the Most People.

31 Jan 2023 4 minute read 3 comments ssaurel

In today’s modern society, energy is the sinews of war. If you still doubt this, you only have to look at the consequences of the energy crisis caused by Putin's Russian war in Ukraine. This has only made the inflation that Jerome Powell was promisin...

Metaverse Tokens and the Leading Web3 Blockchain

1 Feb 2023 3 minute read 9 comments Allen Taylor

It’s winter in Texas. Ice. Rain, Below-freezing temperatures. And I’m 100 percent on solar power. That means I’ve got to watch my battery power. If today’s newsletter is too short, blame it on the weather. Metaverse tokens outperformed bitcoin in Jan...

Bitcoin solves the number one problem for all investors.

1 Feb 2023 1 minute read 3 comments ssaurel

Short article, but strong message. To understand this, you have to make the effort to understand the why of Bitcoin. Do you know what that number one problem is? Uncertainty! On a day when the Fed will announce its monetary policy choices at the firs...

The Truth About Bitcoin. Everything you need to build your truth about Bitcoin and stop trusting others without verifying.

29 Jan 2023 3 minute read 4 comments ssaurel

I have been writing about Bitcoin, money, and the economy daily for several years now. Bitcoin is an incredible monetary revolution, and I must admit that it is fascinating to follow the progress of the Bitcoin revolution and its impact on society da...

How has blockchain tech evolved since the launch of Bitcoin?

31 Jan 2023 3 minute read 0 comments fklivestolearn

Coming to the forefront after the launch of the premier digital currency in 2008, it has transformed significantly The major rollout of blockchain technology started off with the publication of a whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic...

US Sen. Cruz's Crypto Idea is a lot Smarter Than it Initially Sounds

28 Jan 2023 2 minute read 3 comments Cje95

I will be the first to admit that when Ted Cruz comes out and wants to change something that impacts/influences things on Capital Hill, well they are not always the best and brightest ideas, to say the least. As someone who works for Congress on a Co...

3 Ways to Identify a Crypto Scam, according to SEC Chair Gary Gensler

29 Jan 2023 1 minute read 9 comments ZeroRequiem

Hey Peeps!     On January 11th, our good friend Gary Gensler, the Chair of the SEC, discussed "Financial Readiness" on Twitter Spaces with SEC Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw and Sgt. Lawrence Holmes from the U.S. Army. The Twitter Spaces discussion...

Bitcoin and String Theory

30 Jan 2023 15 minute read 3 comments SirGerardThe1st

More than once I said that the most important asset I had and that no one, no bank, no government, or no corporation could take away from me is having been young in the 70s. It was a magical decade to be young. There was a worldwide explosion of year...

One Step Closer to Regulation of the Crypto Ecosystem

1 Feb 2023 6 minute read 1 comment ulriklykke

The regulation of the crypto ecosystem is a rapidly evolving and diverse landscape. Anyone with any knowledge about the space knows how challenging it is to regulate. Nonetheless a lot of efforts are being made by regulators to tango with the cryptos...