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Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneering digital currency invented by a yet-unknown individual or group of individuals presented as Satoshi Nakamoto. Early development began in 2008, during the financial crisis of 2008, with the landmark paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” being released on October 31, 2008. The primary purpose of Bitcoin is in the space of P2P financial transactions, though some supporters envision it more as a store of value.

Often called “Digital Gold” for its monetary properties which are similar to gold, the enduring popularity and market resilience of Bitcoin has encouraged the growth of other cryptocurrencies, and as a result it has come to be known as the “mother” or “father” of all cryptocurrencies. Initially limited to all but the most ardent technology enthusiasts, Bitcoin was responsible for convincing the masses that a P2P financial system devoid of middlemen and centralized was in fact possible, a characteristic made possible through its Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which incentivized good behavior.

Since its inception in early 2009, Bitcoin has been through a number of changes and incidents, yet continues to thrive as the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the famous Mt. Gox incident and several such cycles of price spikes and drops. The enduring nature of Bitcoin is a quality that is highly cherished by its proponents. Many tokens have been inspired by it, including similarly envisioned token Litecoin (LTC), which is often said to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Because of the popularity and established nature of Bitcoin, it is often the base pair with which other cryptocurrencies are traded.

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An easy way to make money from home at the time of the quarantine #2

4 days ago 2 minute read 4 comments Roberto D.

Here we are at the second appointment of "An easy way to make money from home at the time of the quarantine" in the first article I talked to you about how to earn through your internet connection leaving you also a link that will immediately give yo...

One Stop Cryptocurrency News Cast For April 4th 2020 ?

4 days ago 3 minute read 0 comments One Stop

📮 04-04-2020 📈MarketCap:                  $191  B 📊24h Mcap %:                  0.45% ⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                 65.10% 📌Active Coins:                2,938 📍24h Vol %:                    -27.59% 💲24h Vol:                    $102 B   Trade On Thes...

Why Bitcoin's price dropped that much - THE REAL REASON

4 days ago 2 minute read 8 comments evannemo

Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) are what we call the internet money. They make it possible for individuals and companies to build a stable and scalable modern day economy without the need of a bank or any other third-party organization. Yep, tha...

Daily Price Update 4th April for Coins to watch - W/C: 30th March 2020

4 days ago 1 minute read 1 comment MarcusAbuboo

This is a quick summary on the last 24h price action for the coins to watch this week - W/C: 30th March 2020. 4th April 2020 -  as of 11pm BST (Day 5) Sorry the daily update is pretty late today so I will keep it short and sweet. It has been another...

5 news from the crypto world - April 4

4 days ago 1 minute read 0 comments DZ4FREE

1-Binance v Corona - Exchange calls for participation in fundraiser and donates USD 1 million itself The corona virus keeps the world in suspense. Many hospitals and other healthcare facilities lack everything needed to fight the disease and protec...

Bitcoin's Historical Monthly Performance Chart (2012-2019)

4 days ago 1 minute read 0 comments trevorbalthrop

We are just barely 4 months into 2020 and it has already been a wild first quarter all the way through! With only 2 months away before the first half of the year is reached. It might be a good time to look at some historical data on Bitcoin. This im...

Bitcoin died many times but still prevails!

4 days ago 1 minute read 1 comment EdwinK

From its birth in 2010, Bitcoin (btc) has died many, many times: 2020 ‘It has no intrinsic value’ – UTODAY 2019  ‘It’s a Pyramid Scheme’ – Yahoo Finance 'Bitcoin is Dying'– CCN 'All cryptos will disappear' – Portfilo Wealth Global ‘Bitcoin will be de...

3 Bullish indicators for Bitcoin signaling massive move!

4 days ago 2 minute read 0 comments Writerblock

3 Bullish indicators for Bitcoin signaling massive move! Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency is preparing for a major move upwards as several macroeconomic indicators and market sentiment push adoption. Indicator 1: Bitcoin is an...

Bitcoin Black and Cryptocurrency Wealth Distribution

4 days ago 5 minute read 3 comments mduchow

Bitcoin Black aims to be better than it's predecessor Bitcoin as well as other alt-coins by becoming "fairly distributed", energy effiecient, feeless, and hopes to feature instant transfers. The coin will be distributed to 1,000,000 wallets prior to...

Why paper trading is very essential while learning Forex Trading?

4 days ago 1 minute read 0 comments beinginvested

All the new trader can be benefited from paper account. Many brokerage firms have this paper trading or simulation trading account for beginners, they’ll be funding you with virtual money which is free of cost and there’s no monetary risk involved. Y...