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Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneering digital currency invented by a yet-unknown individual or group of individuals presented as Satoshi Nakamoto. Early development began in 2008, during the financial crisis of 2008, with the landmark paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” being released on October 31, 2008. The primary purpose of Bitcoin is in the space of P2P financial transactions, though some supporters envision it more as a store of value.

Often called “Digital Gold” for its monetary properties which are similar to gold, the enduring popularity and market resilience of Bitcoin has encouraged the growth of other cryptocurrencies, and as a result it has come to be known as the “mother” or “father” of all cryptocurrencies. Initially limited to all but the most ardent technology enthusiasts, Bitcoin was responsible for convincing the masses that a P2P financial system devoid of middlemen and centralized was in fact possible, a characteristic made possible through its Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which incentivized good behavior.

Since its inception in early 2009, Bitcoin has been through a number of changes and incidents, yet continues to thrive as the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the famous Mt. Gox incident and several such cycles of price spikes and drops. The enduring nature of Bitcoin is a quality that is highly cherished by its proponents. Many tokens have been inspired by it, including similarly envisioned token Litecoin (LTC), which is often said to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Because of the popularity and established nature of Bitcoin, it is often the base pair with which other cryptocurrencies are traded.

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Cryptocurrency News Today – Headlines for March 26

1 day ago 1 minute read 1 comment

China is closing in on its national digital currency launch The coronavirus outbreak hasn’t stopped the Asian giant The national digital token will be available sooner than expected Cryptocurrency News Today – China is still moving ahead with its...

Rising Wedge Breakdown Threatens $7K Bitcoin Price Target

1 day ago 1 minute read 1 comment

On Wednesday Bitcoin (BTC) price surged higher alongside traditional markets which were likely propelled by the Senate’s approval of the $2 trillion economic stimulus bill aimed at providing relief to businesses and workers impacted by the coronaviru...

Earning Crypto & Investing in Stocks

1 day ago 3 minute read 8 comments Thomas Wolf

I am currently invested in a variety of cryptocurrencies and have begun "Holding" stocks as well.  The companies are a personal pick but I'll give away FitBit and GoPro as two cheap tech companies that would be good long term investments.You may thin...

BTC price forms a double top on the hourly chart that can lead Bitcoin to drop below $6K

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments

BTC price forms a double top on the hourly chart that can lead Bitcoin to drop below $6K Bitcoin price has got stuck around $6.6K level and is failing to find its way above the psychological level of $7000. In the last 24 hours, BTC once again record...

💰 Anthony Pompliano Rates Best Assets To Invest In #519

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments Gary Leland

Anthony Pompliano, the co founder of Morgan Creek Digital is laying out his top investments over the next eighteen to twenty four months, and he says Bitcoin is his number one pick to surge in the aftermath of the corona virus pandemic. 🎥 YOUTUBE: h...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Rejected at $6,900 Resistance, $4,800 Is New Target

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments

Earlier today, the flagship cryptocurrency attempted to break the $6,900 level but failed and made a rebound. After rising a little after that, BTC is now trading at $6,620. ‘$4,800 to be tested in the coming period’ Analyst Michael van de Poppe beli...

[TUTORIAL] - How to start, install the Brave browser and win BAT?

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments Cryptoxe

What is Brave?   According to them, Brave gives us back the power, thanks to browsing speed, security and confidentiality without equal. Thanks to the browser, you can even get paid by choosing to receive Brave's privacy-friendly advertisements. The...

EARN MONEY ONLINE (i earn $50 last month)

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments kishialycotna

I am a highschool student from Philippines and I spend approximately half of my day in social media. Sometimes wonder why I don't spend my time in the most productive way. i opened my cellphone youtube and searched "earn money online" at first i didn...

Use Bitplaza to buy products with Bitcoin

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments Jumble

Equivalent to Amazon, Bitplaza is an e-commerce global marketplace. The application is one of a kind as it will only let you to pay with Bitcoin. You use Bitplaza in a web browser or with an Android and iOS application. Bitplaza is easy to use. There...

Ripple donates to several charity foundations to fight against COVID-19

1 day ago 1 minute read 0 comments

Ripple donates to several charity foundations to fight against COVID-19 Ripple has decided to contribute to the noble cause in these testing times for the community that is not able to meet their daily requirements. There are a large number of people...