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Bitcoin (BTC) is a pioneering digital currency invented by a yet-unknown individual or group of individuals presented as Satoshi Nakamoto. Early development began in 2008, during the financial crisis of 2008, with the landmark paper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” being released on October 31, 2008. The primary purpose of Bitcoin is in the space of P2P financial transactions, though some supporters envision it more as a store of value.

Often called “Digital Gold” for its monetary properties which are similar to gold, the enduring popularity and market resilience of Bitcoin has encouraged the growth of other cryptocurrencies, and as a result it has come to be known as the “mother” or “father” of all cryptocurrencies. Initially limited to all but the most ardent technology enthusiasts, Bitcoin was responsible for convincing the masses that a P2P financial system devoid of middlemen and centralized was in fact possible, a characteristic made possible through its Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm which incentivized good behavior.

Since its inception in early 2009, Bitcoin has been through a number of changes and incidents, yet continues to thrive as the most popular token in the cryptocurrency market. This includes the famous Mt. Gox incident and several such cycles of price spikes and drops. The enduring nature of Bitcoin is a quality that is highly cherished by its proponents. Many tokens have been inspired by it, including similarly envisioned token Litecoin (LTC), which is often said to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Because of the popularity and established nature of Bitcoin, it is often the base pair with which other cryptocurrencies are traded.

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Less Than 100 Days For The Most Important Halving In Bitcoin's History!!!

2 Feb 2020 3 minute read 0 comments andreaskanel

Bitcoin in the final straight for halving     Confidence grows as halving approaches, that is, the doubling of miners' pay, and thus halving the supply of new Bitcoin. So far halving has proven to be an upward movement catalyst. Today Bitcoin moves...

Stablecoins are fiat on steroids! Don't get fooled!

2 Feb 2020 2 minute read 5 comments Writerblock

What is fiat money? Fiat money is the money we worldwide started using when the US dollar decoupled from its gold exchange standard, which limited its supply. From 1971 onwards the world has created fiat currencies, backed only by the government's re...

Crypto Dummies Lesson Series From The Cryptocurrency Market Part Two

2 Feb 2020 7 minute read 6 comments Rubika Ventures®

We continue now with the second chapter of the series for dummies, in which we want to offer an integral space for those people who are new to the cryptocurrency market and who practically need to know many important concepts. Remembering that these...

HURRAY! Cryptotab Browser Is Two (2) Years Today

2 Feb 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Dominus1

The Cryptotab Browser project has been there for exactly 2 years today. It was launched as an extension and has grown into a standalone Browser with an inbuilt or built-in mining feature.Download Cryptotab Browser When asked whether, Cryptotab Browse...

Why you should consider investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

2 Feb 2020 5 minute read 1 comment Djordi

Hi everyone ! Here I will show you several reasons why it can be interesting and profitable to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by looking at the money policy in this world. - Decentralized cryptocurrencies Decentralized currencies can be...

One Stop Cryptocurrency News Cast For Today ?

2 Feb 2020 2 minute read 0 comments One Stop

📮02-02-2020   📈MarketCap:                  $260 B 📊24h Mcap %:                 -0.95% ⚠️Bitcoin Dom:                 65.4%   📌Active Coins:                2,416 📍24h Vol %:                 -17.62% 💲24h Vol:                     $69 B   Trade On These...

Why Bitcoin?

2 Feb 2020 2 minute read 2 comments lucasc

Many people are getting into the cryptocurrency game with Bitcoin and other popular altcoins. There are a lot of new users who see the potential but don't understand the real benefits of using cryptocurrency. I'm worried some of these newer users ma...

Federal Reserve Promises More Inflation - Are Cryptos Any Better?

2 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment The Part Time Economist

In its most recent press release, the Federal Reserve promised to raise inflation rates. No, that is not a typo, the Fed actually wants to raise inflation, and has promised to devalue the dollar further. As consumers, we know that higher inflation de...

Price analysis 2, Feb Bitcoin SV, EOS, Ethereum classic, Tron and Monero.

2 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment haidernasir

Bitcoin SV, EOS, tron and monero has gained almost 2% in its price in the previous 24 hours. Here a price analysis of five cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin SV/USD Bitcoin SV is at $282.40 with a gain of 1.29% in its price in the previous 24 hours. Bitcoin S...

Bitcoin emoji in your tweets: now you can use that special emoji at Twitter platform.

2 Feb 2020 1 minute read 1 comment alberdioni8406

It's not new that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter is a big Fan of the most famous asset in the Internet and world, the Bitcoin (BTC), and since February 2 anyone could attach the BTC emoji in their Tweets. Twitter is the most used Platfom for instant...