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Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of the Bitcoin network that has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency space. The fork, which began to receive attention from many in July 2017, was supported by the likes of Roger Ver, who believed that an increase in the block size limit was necessary. Until then, the crypto community was united in their vision of how Bitcoin should develop. Bitcoin, however, chose to take the SegWit route, which increased the number of transactions that could be processed without increasing the block size. The hard fork occurred on August 1 and BCH was officially live. Users who owned bitcoins owned the same number of Bitcoin Cash tokens. 

Bitcoin Cash has received much criticism regarding its approach to scalability, as well as for the fact that larger blocks require greater computing to be processed, which could lead to a handful of individuals or groups having more influence on the network. The approach to scalability remains the most significant difference between BCH and Bitcoin, and has been the subject of much discussion. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are identical in terms of their use case; it is the technicals that differentiate them.

Despite the controversy surrounding its creation and current development, Bitcoin Cash continues to command a lot of attention from investors and developers. While it takes it own approach to scalability, its overarching vision also holds “extensibility” as a key priority, the team’s way of describing the idea of allowing developers and businesses to easily build on the protocol.

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Thank You, BCH Community, For My 6 Digits

31 Jul 2021 2 minute read 6 comments bmjc98

This article is NOT to brag about my earnings but to inspire more people to: Never discourage when the bot aka Rusty is MIA more often than he visits you. Keep on writing good quality content and ignore those who doubted you. Focus on your goals and...

Did I just got rich playing blockchain games ? (Weekly HIVE, TRX and BCH portfolio updates)

31 Jul 2021 1 minute read 5 comments Heruvim78

My total BCH is now 0.83 ($433) a mere 0.02 BCH up from last week, but I am trying to reach the 1 full BCH by the end of the year. This week I received 12 TRX ( $0.68) from staking 10300 Tron, and 34 TRX ($2.12) from staking WIN, so the total is 46...

Half way through 2021 - My Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) earnings breakdown

28 Jul 2021 2 minute read 28 comments PVMihalache

I achieved my 3rd and 4th Bitcoin Cash at the end of June and I am well ahead of my initial forecast. In my basic calculation based on the volume of BCH earned from and, I was estimating to reach 4 Bitcoin Cash at the end of 2021...

Exploring Juungle For The First Time

30 Mar 2021 3 minute read 6 comments bmjc98

Although Atomic Hub is my first home, that doesn't mean I won't explore other places to get my hands on some cool NFTs. If you've been a follower, you know by now that I've recently joined NFT and have been so addicted to it for the last few weeks. F...

Really. Why is Bitcoin Cash Still a Thing?

11 Nov 2020 3 minute read 1 comment AlucardLife

The persistence of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in the crypto conversation speaks to more than a few of the larger narratives in the space. The fact that BCH still actively trades more than it updates shows that we are still in a speculative, low information m...

Everything You Need To Know About Club1BCH

24 Jul 2021 6 minute read 13 comments bmjc98

This article is inspired by @andrianlover's request to make a full-detailed article about the CLUB1BCH. As someone who has been on the club since day 1, let me give you a tour of what the club is all about and how awesome it is to be a part of this f...

Here's Why Bitcoin Cash Will Make A Giant Leap Sooner Or Later And Why You Should Save More BCH

11 Apr 2021 6 minute read 6 comments Jane1289

  Bitcoin Cash is still undervalued by Bitcoin maxims even up to this moment. But among the forks of Bitcoin, no one can disagree that Bitcoin Cash is the best. If you will compare it to Bitcoin, there are a lot of differences and advantages that mad...

Lose a little, win a little (BCH, TRX and HIVE portfolio updates)

2 Jul 2021 1 minute read 2 comments Heruvim78

First let me tell you about one unique opportunity, and you can be one early adopter as it is just become operational. A DEFI content creator initiative able to boost passive income on many platforms, including Publish0x. Get in there early and do th...

June Crypto Earnings - Birthday gifts and humble farming!

3 Jul 2021 4 minute read 37 comments PVMihalache

I found this table from June 2020 and made me think about the accelerate pace of the Cryptoverse. One year ago I was the newbie, trying to make a name on P0x. I didn't started DeFi staking, I didn't had any connection with any projects and I was supe... 2021 Review

20 May 2021 5 minute read 2 comments Heath Muchena is a peer-to-peer platform for exchanging Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Local is a private peer-to-peer platform where users can find other people who are interested in trading Bitcoin Cash for local currencies via a blind escrow ...