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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard fork of the Bitcoin network that has caused quite a stir in the cryptocurrency space. The fork, which began to receive attention from many in July 2017, was supported by the likes of Roger Ver, who believed that an increase in the block size limit was necessary. Until then, the crypto community was united in their vision of how Bitcoin should develop. Bitcoin, however, chose to take the SegWit route, which increased the number of transactions that could be processed without increasing the block size. The hard fork occurred on August 1 and BCH was officially live. Users who owned bitcoins owned the same number of Bitcoin Cash tokens. 

Bitcoin Cash has received much criticism regarding its approach to scalability, as well as for the fact that larger blocks require greater computing to be processed, which could lead to a handful of individuals or groups having more influence on the network. The approach to scalability remains the most significant difference between BCH and Bitcoin, and has been the subject of much discussion. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are identical in terms of their use case; it is the technicals that differentiate them.

Despite the controversy surrounding its creation and current development, Bitcoin Cash continues to command a lot of attention from investors and developers. While it takes it own approach to scalability, its overarching vision also holds “extensibility” as a key priority, the team’s way of describing the idea of allowing developers and businesses to easily build on the protocol.

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BCH usecase in Africa: whales needed to develop the adoption in the continent.

1 week ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.19 tipped

Apparently the Blockchain Technology is in force and the demand for new markets will take assets that are more faster and with less costs in transactions to be implemented as a way of payments. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be easily adopted and serving as...

Earn BitcoinCash (BCH) every hour without any investment with payment proof

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Free-Bcash is a faucet website where we can guarantee Free Bitcoincash fractions each hour, attempt our fortunes playing the lottery, Multiplying them to earn more and more, and getting refferal commission. This site is fundamentally the same as Free...

Read.Cash, presentation of the blogging platform [BCH]

1 week ago 1 minute read Solar Phasing $0.16 tipped

  Hello, Today I would like to present to you a new blogging platform on which users can reward themselves by making donations in BCH, Bitcoin Cash. It's called: Read.Cash What immediately struck me during the registration was the quality of the sit... 5 Facts to know about Bitcoin cash (BCH).

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Article dedicated to the community here, where you earn Bitcoin Cash BCH from your content, its a Republished Article Original Found here from My Authorship. I'm really thankful for my journey into the community and, pursuing more...

Time to adopt BCH for faster payments in daily routines.

1 week ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.14 tipped

Republished Article Original Found here from my Authorship. Living in Africa can sounds sometimes very embarrassing when you wanna pay for tax bills. It's a battle and you can face long queues to be attended, even in commercial Banks or supermarkets,...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption: $200 million investment from and more initiatives for 2020.

6 days ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.13 tipped

Lately the Bitcoin Cash adoption plans are increasing and the, the Firm backed by Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) influencer and crypto investor, last year in November invested a massive fund of $200 Million to boost the asset worldwide...

Doge: Just day trade or significant HODL?

20 hours ago 1 minute read matim10 $0.13 tipped

  Doge is a peculiar currency nowadays, created as a joke coin, established itself and has a huge marketcap today, almost entirely due to the very low fees and relative volatility that favor the day trade, but it has other interesting aspects. Among...

Bitcoin SV Surges 200% in 24 Hours

1 week ago 1 minute read CryptoStalker $0.13 tipped

Could Craig Wright's Bitcoin SV be about to shoot through the moon? In just the past 24 hours alone,  Bitcoin SV has DOUBLED with 200% price gain from $174 on Jan 13th,  to $348 on Jan 14th. Bitcoin SV leads the bull run market currently with the big...

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) merchants worldwide.

1 week ago 1 minute read alberdioni8406 $0.12 tipped

Bitcoin cash (BCH) asset is a global crypto currency that was a fork from bitcoin (BTC) and in another way from the maximum well-known from the sector, BCH is extra quicker and has decrease prices. One element as a way to make the adoption of crypto...

My country need support in BCH to fast adoption.

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Republished Article Original Found At from my Authorship Here. It's pretty bit fun, that in my country, no traces of Interest in BCH has been shown! I live in Africa, in a Country with almost 28 million people, where almost none of them doe...