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Binance Coin (BNB)

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The Binance Coin (BNB) is a token that was released by one of the world’s largest exchanges, Binance, in August 2017. There are a total of 200 million tokens, with Binance conducting a burn every quarter based on trading volumes on its platform. Officials have stated that they plan to eventually burn 50% of all BNB tokens, reducing the total number of tokens to 100 million. Binance, which already has the Binance Chain and DEX (decentralized exchange), has said that the BNB token will play a significant role in the future of Binance ecosystem.

As is the case with exchange tokens, BNB ties in strongly with the exchange’s services and features, like the ICO launchpad and Binance DEX. BNB is a base pair for many popular tokens, and offers users discounts on fees related to the platform. It has gained a lot of attention in 2019 for its performance with Binance steadily launching new services that permit the use of the BNB token. 

The discounts with BNB token are significant, though it will be halved with every passing year. The first year, 2018, sees a discount of 50% in fees, with the next 25% and so on until the fifth year, 2022, where discounts will stop. Currently in the second year, 2019, with a 25% discount, Binance have announced that they will retain the 25% discount for the third year. Having recently launched a margin trading facility on the platform, the BNB token also features heavily here, as it offers fees that are at half of the rate of any other trading pair. 

The strong performance and business strategy of the token has seen it receive praise from multiple insiders in the cryptocommunity, and it continues to perform well.

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