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3 Reasons why you should trade USDT Quarterly Contracts.

19 hours ago 6 minute read 0 comments Pompey Fintech Academy

Are you a  Crypto trader and interested in trading a futures contract? If you were to choose a Futures contract to trade- which would be your preferred option? For me trading the Binance USDT Quarterly Contract would be my most preferred option. Why?...

Easy Money (Lazio Binance Launchpad)

21 Oct 2021 4 minute read 2 comments bengy

    Unsplasg   This morning (Western Europe) time, the Lazio (LAZIO) fan token subscription for Binance Launchpad went live after a week of snapshotting user balances of BNB holdings. As usual, the subscription stage was pretty smooth sailing......

What is Binance Coin

15 Oct 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Jack216

What is Binance Coin In todays blog I'm going to cover a big coin in terms of market cap. This cryptocurrency has recently over taken cardano in terms of market cap recently. With it now having a total market cap of $78,504,029,845.41 which is $7,713...

Welcome to the family Zeus!

20 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments

People murmur he is better, faster, stronger..Welcome to the family Zeus!  We’re excited to have reached the 10 names for our character collection, now it's time to go and get them all. 🔥 $ZETH $ZBTC $ICA   Kindly consider checking aroundhttps://icar...

Binance is investing $1bn in its BSC ! But where?

14 Oct 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Crypto_Lemon

Hello HODLers, Today Binance started pumping and as I have some BNB and mostly I invested in some Binance Smart Chain projects I believe in. Despite the current pressure on Bitcoin (-2% as I am writing), BNB is up +2% while other altcoins I mostly...

The legendary robot that everyone fears 💪🏻

18 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments

An absolute presence in the armies of the spacelords! The legendary robot that everyone fears 💪🏻   How should we name them? Join us at our telegram and help us find the best pick.    $ZETH $ZBTC $ICA   Kindly consider checking around https://icarus.f...

$FARM vs $IFARM, Pros and Cons

30 Aug 2021 1 minute read 20 comments 3NiGMa

Greetings budding cryptoheads! In this new and exciting blog, I will be covering the pros and cons, the ups and downs, the negatives and positives of every decision you make in the crypto space. Let's dive right in! Harvest Finance - What is it and w...

How to buy #HumbleCoin on Binance Smart Chain

20 Oct 2021 2 minute read 0 comments SpoilerAlert

Before you read this, don’t forget to sign up for a free publish0x account to earn free crypto just for reading articles. Claim and/or tip at the bottom of each post. #HumbleCoin (#HC)! If you haven't heard of this token yet, it's a fun coin created...

Boom Time Awaits The Fan Token Industry: Binance Goes All In To Support The Chiliz Chain.

19 Oct 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Godsplan

Fan tokens just like NFTs have gained a lot of attention ever since their launch on the chiliz chain late 2019. and were the first and main exchanges that fan tokens were being traded before they gained the attention of some of...

Presale Hunters BSC 17/10/21

17 Oct 2021 1 minute read 0 comments PresaleHuntersBSC

Welcome!     We publish a presale list every day between 10-12 UTC. Most of the presales are on the dxsale, unicrypt or pinsale platform.  🖍 Presale form 👉 FORM   🔎 How to spot potential rug   ❗️ Use only the official presale links available on the s...