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Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency founded by Brendan Eich in 2017. It is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to revolutionize the digital advertising industry by directly connecting advertisers, content creators and viewers together.

The team over at BAT aim to create a new form of digital advertising space that fairly rewards content creators and the viewers of the advertisements through the power of blockchain technology. Furthermore, advertisers will also receive a better ROI using their system as they get more accurate data to play around with. 

The entire project is powered through the Brave browser, a specially designed browser that is focused on privacy and speed. It is created by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of the popular web-browser Mozilla and the creator of the programming language JavaScript. The Brave browser blocks all advertisements, cookies and malicious trackers by default, helping users to retain privacy. The browser also automatically upgrades every website to HTTPS for an additional layer of security whilst browsing. 

Brave automatically tracks the attention that a user may devote to a particular advertisement and assigns an Attention Value to that user. Using machine learning on that Attention Value for different adverts then allows Brave to show relevant advertisements to that specific user. This is perfect for both users and advertisers alike. The most important feature regarding attention tracking is the fact that the data tracked will always remain anonymous and never leaves the hosts computer at any time, allowing the user to retain his data.

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