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Next best thing since sliced bread.

My Banano Quest - Not ALWAYS about the Money

26 Nov 2021 6 minute read 0 comments Feax21

Everything started almost 1 year ago when a tweet of the famous new age entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast Elon Musk endorsed with a single word a worthless and almost unpopular meme coin. Personally, for almost 6 months before Elon Musk's tweet, I...


26 Nov 2021 8 minute read 11 comments SirGerardThe1st

I wrote several times about BANANO here on Publish0x. Since the beginning of 2020, I studied this project and fell in love immediately. I was one of the first to receive BANs in my Kalium wallet by participating in the contests, games, giveaways, and...

Why BANANO - because reasons!

25 Nov 2021 3 minute read 0 comments sp3ktraline

There's an old tablet found in the deep jungle that reads a song which sings about the following -- it should be read with a Jamaican accent, preferably the one of a singer you know and we all cherish:  "Don't worry about the dip'Cause with every li...

Going ape about BANANO - Going bonkers about CryptomonKeys

25 Nov 2021 3 minute read 8 comments PVMihalache

Why Banano? Why I am going ape about Banano? One year ago I received my first ever NFT, from a Banano giveaway on Publish0x. Funny enough ... it was an monKeydrop NFTs! One year later and that is still my favourite NFT from my 3000 pieces collection....

India Planning To Ban Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies - FUD Or A Sign Of Things To Come?

24 Nov 2021 2 minute read 3 comments LocoSocioCrypto

India recently announced plans to potentially ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within its borders. While we have seen this story before with China, I'm left wondering if this is the same sort of thing, or different? Why, India, Why? In my opini...

Community Event: BANANO Writer's Contest - Why Banano? (BAN+NFT prizes!)

22 Nov 2021 2 minute read 11 comments banano

BANANO is backed by next generation DAG tech, powered by potassium, memes, and 100% free distribution, and driven by You, our community. Here’s now a community-organized BANANO Writers Contest serving both BANANO distribution and giving you the chanc...

Wrapped Banano (wBAN) — 6 Month Anniversary & Updates

22 Nov 2021 1 minute read 0 comments banano

wBAN was officially launched on Binance Smart Chain in June 2021. So many things happened since: we had farms in ApeSwap, lots of events, really cool ELI5 comics, a new wBAN deployment on Polygon & SushiSwap, lots of new monkeys joining the Banano f...

2021 Banano Community Survey - Tell us What You Think!

12 Nov 2021 2 minute read 7 comments banano

BANANO is backed by next generation DAG tech, powered by potassium, memes, and 100% free distribution, and driven by You, our community. That’s why it’s time for Your voice to be heard! Introducing a BANANO community survey with questions covering a...

BANANO Monthly Update #43 (November 2021)

3 Nov 2021 6 minute read 1 comment banano

It’s time for another fresh Monthly Update from the BANANO ecosystem! The idea of those monthly updates is to keep our community informed, provide a good starting point for new people looking at the project, and to be transparent about BANANO’s ongoi...

Shiba Inu founder has no SHIB tokens: He sent everything away when they were worthless!

2 Nov 2021 3 minute read 1 comment SaltySucker

Shiba Inu token that was so much frowned upon by many „serious“ traders within the crypto community, and even openly ridiculed for its crazy tokenomics that allows fans to buy billions or even trillions of tokens, has made the impossible possible. SH...