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Aave is a decentralizing lending and borrowing platform. Key features of the platform include flash loans, which are uncollateralized loans where borrowing and repayment occur in the same transaction; credit delegation, trusted uncollateralized loans; and borrowing and lending capabilities typical of decentralized lending platforms.

Aave was founded in November 2017 by CEO Stani Kulechov, who has described the goal of the platform as being “to build financial products that people need, while also having some fun.” Aave launched as ETHLend, but rebranded to its current form in September 2018. As ETHLend, it raised $600,000 in Ether in November 2017. The team consists of 19 members coming from a diverse background.

The platform’s native governance token LEND, which also gives its holders discounts on network fees. Compared to other platforms of its kind, Aave has listed a comparatively greater number of assets against which loans can be issued, with over 15 assets available. This in combination with its flash loan feature has made it a popular choice for borrowing and has contributed to its quick growth in 2020.

The rate switching feature allows users to switch between fixed and variable rates, allowing users to pick the most profitable interest rates. Aave’s credit delegation allows users to borrow funds with no collateral provided and is the pioneer of this mechanism in DeFi space. The team has recommended that users only enter into this agreement with users they trust, and Aave is working on an insurance fund to protect funds in the event any issues may occur.

Aave launched on the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet on January 9, 2020. While most technical updates have been completed, the team has stated that they will research and develop new features going into the future.

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