TAMaster Publish0x Writing Contest

TAMaster Publish0x Writing Contest

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TAMaster is the third Publish0x Writing Contest. You can read more info about it in this post: https://www.publish0x.com/publish0x-contests/ta-master-writing-contest-200-bat-prizes-write-ta-your-favor-xdkwwg



These are the Winning Articles of the TA Master - the 3rd Publish0x Writing Contest

8 Nov 2019 3 minute read 13 comments Igor Tomić

The third Publish0x writing contest - TA Master, is over. We've had 20 great entries into the contest, and it's time to announce the winners. Thank you to all the participants for taking part in this contest and congratulations to our winners!   We'v...

TA Master #Publish0x Writing Contest: $200 in $BAT Prizes to Write a TA of Your Favorite Token

25 Oct 2019 2 minute read 11 comments Igor Tomić

It's been a while since we've held the last writing contest, and the wait is finally over. The new contest will be focused on technical analysis, and we've named it TA Master. We're looking for authors to submit a technical analysis on a token (crypt...

ETH may have just entered the bullish zone (TA Master)

29 Oct 2019 2 minute read 8 comments raven

Ether (ETH) is selling at a very low price at the moment, at about half (186 USD) of its 2-year average price (362 USD). This is illustrated by the thick light blue line below. ETH price is half the 2-year average The 26 (blue) week MA is still abov...

TA Master - Factom Price Analysis - Is The Factom Selling Pressure Beginning To Fade?

30 Oct 2019 1 minute read 2 comments CryptoChartWizard91

Technical Analysis Competition? This is JUST my thing! Factom has seen a rough 2 years after dropping from a high above $80 to the current trading level of $2.40. Nevertheless, the team behind Factom is progressing and we can expect some real adoptio...

Feathercoin (FTC): Brief Introduction & Technical Analysis 2020 (TA Master)

4 Nov 2019 4 minute read 3 comments E. K. Washington™

Not all smart investors buy gold and silver. No we are definitely well within the confines of the 21 century and many of us millennials have already begun to get a handle on our finances. We know about smart investing, investing wisely, stocks and bo...

TA Master: Grim outlook for BTT/USD (BitTorrent) - YTD Review

4 Nov 2019 2 minute read 5 comments cryptokib

The BitTorrent token (BTT) is a standardized TRC-10 token on the TRON blockchain. It was founded and launched by BitTorrent Inc., the same company that brought you the decentralized torrents that made downloading and distributing content faster and...

TA MASTER What's really going on at Bat Token? No (YDT)

10 Nov 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Slowmen

  * It is not investment advice. The views of experts and analysts in the market have been reflected. What's really going on at Bat Token   Strong rumours that this will be the main caution symbol. It is more difficult to activate last week because...

TA Master - BTC/ USD 1d, Drained Volumes

4 Nov 2019 1 minute read 1 comment milionarioo

The weekend was characterized by a return to flatness in volumes, also caused by false break out in intra-day that stopped and sent away several traders.The local lows (9k) were not lost, nor new maximums were created.Soon it will have to happen, sin...

"TA Master" Basic Attention Token(BAT): The Game Changer

4 Nov 2019 4 minute read 2 comments alrashel

Basic Attention Token Advertising is one of the foremost basic income models for most of the businesses online, in any case, to put it mildly, the advertising industry could be a monster. The demonstrate has not changed for a long time and is frantic...

TA Master - Short, Mid and Long term forecast for Bitcoin

3 Nov 2019 1 minute read 6 comments SamBTC

I avoid using too many complicated indicators and jargon in my analysis, so it is simple to understand and follow for everyone. In this analysis for Bitcoin I have used simple trend lines based on the lower end of the candles, 50 day moving average,...