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Contest #ShowYourPortfolio for all the authors takes place this Friday (July 5th) and ends one week later, on Friday, July 12th.

The idea of #ShowYourPortfolio is to showcase your cryptocurrency holdings with our community and provide a reasoning behind the choice of your investments. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a crypto veteran, everyone is warm welcomed! 

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BIG TECH or CRYPTO - EXPERIMENT. Which portfolio will yield higher returns?

2 Dec 2021 2 minute read 5 comments Crypto Is Beautiful

Who will win crypto or Big Tech? A month ago, I began an experiment. I will be buying cryptocurrencies every month that will compete with the stock price of the largest BIG TECH companies. BIG TECH portfolio. There will be 4 stocks in this portfolio:...

HIVE portfolio weekly updates and December targets - Day 65

16 hours ago 1 minute read 2 comments Heruvim78

I am the proud owner of more than 10K CUB, and now I will focus on reaching 10K LEO. Still loading my passive income token bags, with more Archon Miner, Dhedge, Utopis and Brofund bought past week. All my Hive targets for november are already reached...

Why I Hold 1UP, Minds, DAI, Hydro, & Bounty0x Tokens

9 Jul 2019 2 minute read 14 comments Scott Cunningham

I hold over twenty cryptocurrencies so for the #ShowYouPortfolio contest being held on Publish0x, I’d like to focus on some of my tokens earned on Publish0x as well as two others I’ve earned on other social media blockchain integrated platforms. The...

Learn this NOW!!! 70-20-10 Portfolio

14 Nov 2021 1 minute read 0 comments ChrisTrade

Short Intro Far to often I've seen people invest their entire life savings, or sell their car/house or use their rent money and invest it all in get rich quick schemes. Or sold to on hopes of getting rich if they invest in this project or that proje...

Bull market behaviours and Hive portfolio updates - Day 16

15 Oct 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Heruvim78

For today I am just checking my Hive portfolio and other 2 secondary blockchains - TRX and BCH. Hive is keeping up with the last week value, on average, even if some layer 2 tokens lost 3-7% of their value. SPT is up again, with the launch of the Cha...

Welcome to Wonderland

30 Sep 2021 3 minute read 0 comments JanineP

Here's the introduction to a tale of wonder. I fell asleep at the side of a river and somehow woke up with a mortgage and a day job. The world changed and nothing makes as much sense as it used to any more. All the rules I learned as a little girl no...

Crypto Portfolio overview: September 2021

30 Sep 2021 2 minute read 4 comments TheCryptoGambler

The last day of the month, so it is time to write down my portfolio overview. Like almost all month I did set some targets I did want to reach. So let's find out if and how I did reach them!   September goals! Looks like it did set 4 goals. The mos...

Fourth week of September 2021 Staking rewards on StakeCube

29 Sep 2021 1 minute read 1 comment ionutzu97

Hello and welcome back my friends! Here is another update on what happened from 22-29 September : So, I can say I had a good week.  I just looked on my old posts, and I saw that last year in September, for a whole month I earned 0.13 $. So ... from...

Second week of September staking portfolio

15 Sep 2021 1 minute read 2 comments ionutzu97

Hello and welcome back to another update on my portfolio! I will jump right into the screens with the staking results on the StakeCube platform : So, as you can see I got a reward of 1.05 $ this week. Last week got me 1.36 $, so this week was a li...

Portfolio Update: 6 Digits In Fiat Money!

19 Aug 2021 2 minute read 6 comments Eybyoung

Disclaimer: If you are in crypto, updating and sharing your portfolio is normal. This means it's not bragging, it's part of our journey to monitor our progress. Read at your own risk. Don't think negatively, you'll get old! It's been a while since I...