Riccardo Spagni

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Riccardo Spagni is the project lead and one of the core team members of privacy-focused Monero project. Spagni has many years of experience in software development and successfully launched a company with his wife. Following that, he began to experiment with Bitcoin in its early years before becoming involved with other crypto projects. Spagni has also launched a payment processor called GloBee. 

Spagni is a vocal proponent of privacy and the belief that financial privacy is a basic human right, the significance of which everyone must appreciate, is frequently mentioned by him. This principle drives the development of Monero as a whole, and the project has become one of the most supported of privacy projects, if not the most supported. 

Spagni is quite active on GitHub and Twitter, and makes occasional appearances at conferences. His work on GitHub, unsurprisingly, is mainly focused on Monero. 

He is also the CEO of Tari Labs,  a digital assets-focused blockchain protocol that allows anyone to program complex programs for digital assets and makes use of scalability techniques to ensure high performance.