Particl (PART)

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Particl (PART) is a cryptocurrency made by Ryno Mathee in July 2017. It is a decentralized privacy-preserving blockchain platform designed to allow dApps to be built in a highly secure and private way - the first major dApp release being a completely decentralized and anonymous marketplace.

Particl is creating a platform that will allow users to keep their privacy whilst conducting transactions online for goods and services. The Particl Marketplace is the first dApp to be released on Particle which is a P2P, e-Bay style marketplace which is selfly governed by its community of stakers. It allows users to trade goods and services in a perfectly anonymous and secure way using a decentralized, no-fee, Mutually-Assured-Destruction (MAD) escrow system. The escrow allows users to conduct transactions in a trustless manner through a theory of deterrence in the Nash Equilibrium. Most importantly, the marketplace will eventually become completely currency agnostic, meaning any cryptocurrency will be accepted.

Despite the fact that Particl is based on the Bitcoin codebase, it is a completely independent Proof-of-Stake blockchain which allows stakers to receive rewards for securing the blockchain, received from fees generated through transactions on the network and on dApps. Being built on the Bitcoin codebase allows for Particl to benefit from any BTC stability & security update and also makes it easy to fork any project from the BTC development community into the Particl ecosystem. It also means that Particl is a SegWit native blockchain, making it highly scalable and Lightning Network ready.

For Privacy, Particl uses a combination of Confidential Transactions (CT), which hide transaction amounts, and RingCTs, which hide amounts and addresses. Their PoS blockchain also introduces Cold Staking which allows users to delegate staking power to “staking nodes” which contain no coins. This allows users to secure the Particl network and receive rewards, whilst keeping their PART on a secure hardware wallet at the same time.

Particl Airdrop Now Live!

9 May 2019 1 minute read 0 comments Bitcoin Faucets

Particl is a privacy focused blockchain, which runs on a proof of stake protocol incorporating ring confidential transactions to ensure privacy.  Its main functionality at the moment is in the Particl Marketplace Dapp - which is an Ebay/Amazon type o...