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Are You Already Earning Passive Income?

6 Dec 2020 7 minute read 11 comments Khazrakh

The concept of passive income is something I've been attracted to ever since. The idea of earning money without having to do anything other than waiting for the next payment seemed really tempting to me. In theory, you earned passive income by just p...

Is Blockchain Gaming Slowly Turning Into Blockchain Staking?

20 Feb 2021 5 minute read 19 comments Khazrakh

Two of the biggest new releases in terms of blockchain gaming this year have probably been Alien Worlds and R-Planet so far. I've did several articles on both and while I attested great potential to Alien Worlds and still stand by it, I've been sever...

Noise.Cash Is Having Huge Issues With Transaction Fees - Another Plus For Project Blank!

15 Feb 2021 4 minute read 21 comments Khazrakh

After coming back from my hiking trip this weekend, I've started to catch up on everything that had happened while I was away. One of the first things that caught my attention were a lot of posts on where users rambled about high transacti...

All I Want For Christmas Is... Financial Freedom

24 Dec 2020 6 minute read 17 comments Khazrakh

2020 has been a crazy year for me like it probably has been for most of you as well. While I already got involved with cryptocurrency back in 2019, I didn't interact much with anything else in the blockchain world. I bought some BTC every month and t...

The Play2Earn Report - The Best Is Yet To Come!

22 Jan 2021 5 minute read 11 comments Khazrakh

I've had a pretty slow week in terms of my blockchain endeavors. It's been the second week of my vacation and I've been on a three day hiking trip to the Pfälzer Wald (South Western Germany). I really had a great time there and even though it was pre...

Don't Miss Out On Your Personal Planet NFT In eXode!

2 May 2021 4 minute read 12 comments Khazrakh

I've been covering eXode ever since I've stumbled across the game back in March of 2020. I've read the game's manifesto, took part in every single testing round, and even hosted the Baldie Challenge. When the release of the actual colonization gamepl...

The Play2Earn Report - May The FORTH Be With You!

23 Apr 2021 5 minute read 6 comments Khazrakh

Oh boy, what a week this has been! I've been taking care of a friend's dog for the whole week. As she needed a lot of attention, I didn't get too much done in the crypto world and up until Thursday morning, I fully expected to have a rather short Pla...

I Finally Caved and Joined - First Thoughts

1 May 2021 4 minute read 31 comments Absolute Unit

If you've been on Publish0x or any of the other Blockchain Social sites (, Minds, etc.) for any amount of time you've probably at least seen an article or two on Steemit or Hive. Steemit being the grand daddy to blockchain social sites, Hive...

The Play2Earn Report - Full Steam Ahead

9 Apr 2021 6 minute read 3 comments Khazrakh

It's been a pretty crazy week in the crypto lands. Several of the projects I follow came up with some majors news and/or changes to the way they work. I've also been on vacation during the week. I had planned to do a short hiking trip but the weather...

The Case for a $1,000 HIVE

5 Apr 2021 3 minute read 5 comments acesontop

The most bullish forecast for a HIVE dollar valuation that I read about so far is the one of @nathanmars. The biggest marketer of Hive on twitter that has ever existed has a few days ago tweeted about a $100 HIVE and I came soon afterwards with a pos...