Georgios Konstantopoulos

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Georgios Konstantopoulos is an independent consultant and research for the blockchain space, whose expertise lies in layer 2 scalability, cryptography, information security, distributed systems and mechanism design. Konstantopoulos is currently working on layer 2 scaling solutions. 

Konstantopoulos has worked as the Lead Researcher for Loom Network, a cryptocurrency project that has built a layer 2 scaling solution based on the Plasma technology. As lead researcher, Konstantopoulos saw oversaw the teams that created the Loom Dashboard, Delegated Proof of Stake protocol, transfer gateway and plasma projects. Konstantopoulos’ has also worked as a smart contract auditor for ICOs, tokens and platforms.

According to Konstantopoulos, he built the first working implementation of Plasma Cash, which he presented at Ethereum’s Devcon4 conference. 

Konstantopoulos’ entry into the cryptography and blockchain space is an interesting one. He states that his foray into information security began after reading the books Hacking the Art of Exploitation. This eventually led him to related meetups, where he learnt about Bitcoin. He also cites Andreas Antonopoulos’ Mastering Bitcoin as being a major influence, one that spurred him to go on the path of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Konstantopoulos’ enjoys conducting talks and workshops, and has done so multiple times in the past, including at the Stanford Blockchain Conference, Devcon, MIT Bitcoin Expo and many other prominent meetups.