Anthony Sassano

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Anthony Sassano is the product marketing manager of SetProtocol. Set is a protocol that “bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that are programmed to automatically restructure based on any management or trading logic.” He is also involved in the development of Ethhub, an educational portal for Ethereum. Sassano also co-hosts the Into the Ether podcast. 

Sassano has a lot of experience with tech, having worked in multiple cybersecurity roles at Telstra before founding Ethhub and joining Set Labs as product marketing manager. 

Ethhub is described as a “fundamentals-focused, open source, community-driven Ethereum research and resources hub that aims to solve the issue of information asymmetry in the Ethereum ecosystem.” In other words, it is a repository for information relating to Ethereum, for both those new to Ethereum and those familiar with it.

Set, for which Sassano is product marketing manager, is essentially a platform that helps users better manage their digital assets. Each “set” on the platform is a basket of ERC-20 based digital assets that can be rebalanced according to strategies set by the user. Strategies currently available are buy and hold, trend trading and range bound, which are well described on the website. 

As product marketing manager for SetLabs, Sassano is responsible for the overall market strategy for existing and new products, as well as coordinating between the various teams.