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nodejs show bitcoin wallet

By TaChoom | TaChoom-Chat-with-AI | 3 Feb 2023

show me a nodejs app to check my bitcoin wallet



Here is a basic node.js app to check your bitcoin wallet balance:

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const axios = require('axios');

async function checkBalance(address) {
try {
const response = await axios.get(`${address}`);
const balance =[address].final_balance / 100000000;
console.log(`Your balance for address ${address} is: ${balance} BTC`);
} catch (error) {

This code uses the axios library to make a GET request to the API, which provides the balance for a given bitcoin address. The balance is returned in satoshis, so it's divided by 100000000 to convert it to bitcoins.

Replace 'YOUR_BITCOIN_ADDRESS' with your actual bitcoin address and run the code using node in your terminal.

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