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My First Experience With Uniswap

By swig | Swig Talks Crypto | 8 Feb 2021

So I have seen a lot of buzz about early adoption of defi tokens and Uniswap plays so I decided to try it out.

To use Uniswap, I learned that you have to buy Ethereum then send it to Uniswap and you can trade for lots of tokens there that are listed or manually entered.

I decided to try out a token called Unistake based on some of the social buzz I saw and the fact that its project hasn't fully launched and it isn't listed on major exchanges yet.  Seems like a YOLO play, why not.

You can check out the project here:

At the time of this post it looks like I already made some gains!


To use Uniswap, I added it as a dApp in my Coinbase Wallet on my iPhone.  I think you could also do it on MetaMask on PC but I haven't explored that route.  I then added Unistake as a custom token with help of the Unistake support staff on Telegram:


After that I transferred about $200 of Ethereum to Coinbase wallet which cost $4 in miner fees.  Then I swapped the balance for Unistake.  This cost $23 in miner fees.  After about 3 minutes I could see my Unistake balance in Coinbase Wallet!  Not super easy for beginners but I think this barrier to entry gives these early coins so much upside potential.  My big complaint was the huge Ethereum gas fees for miners.   This $200 investment cost me aboutr $27 total.   BIG fees.  Now I am going to sit on it for a year or so and hope for a 100x.


If you have any questions about my experience, happy to walk you through on my Telegram channel comments!

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