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Sex Sells Crypto - Mass Adoption Via Porn?

11 Oct 2021 4 minute read 8 comments Surrealpete

Sharp eyed Kathy Wood is just one of many who predict that the mass adoption by the public of crypto will trigger explosive growth in blockchain. Very few would challenge this assertion. With the hedge funds and corporate investors in the game more...

Avoid Elite Blockchains by Spotting Globalist Crypto with 5 Clues

27 Sep 2021 5 minute read 7 comments Surrealpete

*in no way is any of this financial or medical advice, please do your own research this post and opinions are mine please treat as such*                                                                                                                 ...

Swapspace Aims to Save You What is Most Precious....Time

20 Jul 2021 5 minute read 2 comments Surrealpete

Have you struggled to get the correct specific alt-coin to perform a desired action on what may be a smaller chain or startup d-app? The ridiculous amount of time it can take would test the patience of a Saint! So Swapspace' promise of saving me tim...

Why the Fate of LBRY vs SEC Matters & Who is Behind It?

10 Jul 2021 5 minute read 12 comments Surrealpete

  For the past 3 years since May of 2018, LBRY Inc has been entangled legally with the SEC which is proceeding to prosecute the company on charges of selling unregistered securities to multiple outside parties. The SEC claims that tokens (credits) h...

TETHER: an Un-Stable Coin

8 Jul 2021 2 minute read 1 comment Surrealpete

Tethers story is fairly well known around the Crypto-sphere. What is less known, or in some cases just plain ignored, is the fragile state of Tethers current "stability". But no amount of will-full ignorance can protect Crypto from the clear and pres...