Tips & Tricks To Enhance Your Immune System

A lot of people wonder, for example, "What is the trick to becoming healthy?", "What is the trick to becoming wealthy?", and the short answer is: there are no tricks. There are factors, each of whom is equally important and serves as a puzzle to the greater picture. Only by connecting all puzzles, you end up having a picture.

Therefore, in this article, I will share with you information regarding the enhancement of one's immune system:

a) Having enough of ZINC: which is one of the most important trace minerals. If you are deficient in zinc, you're going to be more susceptible and vulnerable to infections.

Take 200-220 milligrams of zinc (daily) during the infection, and when you're not infected, maintain levels of zinc in your body by taking from 15 to 25 milligrams (daily). The best solution is to take it in a blend of other trace minerals (such as copper).

Zinc deficiency shrinks the number of white blood cells, which means the duration of infection prolongs (and the recovery time is longer).

You'll become deficient unless you're intaking zinc on a daily basis, 'cause human organism does not store it. Yet, some "things" can easily deplete it, things like chronic infections, and consumption of SUGAR. Make sure you're not deficient in zinc, 'cause it can also result in having inflammation in the lungs, which feels like fire.

Another fascinating thing about zinc is that it decreases the reproduction of viruses.

Foods that DEPLETE zinc belong to the phytate group. I will name a few: white bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, biscuits.

Antiacids and antibiotics can create a zinc deficiency, as well. Antiacids are depleting the acid in your stomach, that is needed to absorb minerals.

Great sources of zinc are oysters, liver, red meat, etc.

b) Essential vitamins: in the previous article, I pointed out the importance of having great storage of vitamins A, C, and D in the body. Read more about it here:

c) Eliminate Stress: for it is the only enemy the immune system has no defenses against. It shuts down the entire immune system. Doctors rarely attribute enough attention to it, but in my opinion, it is the cause of over 50% of mortality cases. Read more about it here:

d) Exercise: two days ago I published an article regarding the effects of regular exercise on the immune system. Read more about it here:

e) Kick The Sweet Devil Out: white sugar is the cheapest, the most addictive, and the most harmful drug known to mankind. Kick it out of your diets, your menus, and your health will skyrocket! I wrote an article about it, read more here:

f) Anti-Antibiotics: antibiotics are the greatest enemy of the good bacteria (good microbes) that are found in the gut (70% of the immune system). Antibiotics can also cause zinc deficiency!

Fever, cough, muscle ache, flu-like symptoms are actually symptoms produced by chemicals called INTERFERON. It is a very powerful antiviral cytokine (weapon). When you have these symptoms it's not always the best thing to try to suppress these, because you're also going to suppress interferon.

Instead, allow Interferon to do its job, to decrease the production of viruses. Taking antibiotics at such times would actually increase the duration of the infection. There are even studies that show increases in mortality rates of the people who used "something" (read synthetic remedies such as antibiotics) to suppress the immune system.

The best thing is to let the body fight the infection, and support the immune system by low-carbohydrate diets, intakes of vitamins A, C, D, and minerals, especially zinc.

g) Sleep: the immune system is highly influenced by sleep cycles. Without enough sleep, your immune system is not going to work. Why? Well, when you sleep you stimulate growth hormone, which is intimately involved with proteins, and your entire immune system is made out of proteins. You'll also have higher cortisol and adrenaline. Both (if spiked chronically) will suppress your immune system.

The strength of your macrophages, T-cells, and cytokines is highly dependent on your sleep cycles. Certain T-cells and cytokines will peak right when you start to get to sleep. Others peak during the day (killer T-cells).

So, when you don't get sleep and you're tired during the day, killer cells can't protect you, so you're more susceptible to getting an infection.

Another two things will be suppressed, and those are the speed of your white blood cells and memory of the immune system.

h) Fasting: one of the benefits of fasting is literally growing a new immune system. Here is what 72 hours fasting strategy does to your immune system (summarized):

1st) it will boost white blood cells, which include the macrophages and neutrophils, which are phagocytes, so they clean up debris, and also kill off viruses and bad bacteria, by using different chemicals.

2nd) enhancement of T-cells, especially T-regulatory cells

Fasting strongly suppresses inflammation. It also helps support cytokines, which are signaling communications between the white blood cells that have a lot to do with inflammation.

Cytokines also support B-cells which has a lot to do with creating antibodies and developing the memory from an infection you've had.

3rd) Fasting enhances the weapons from the white blood cells.

4th) Fasting decreases PKA which needs to be inactive for the stem cells to be activated. Stem cells are recruited from the various parts of your body, especially the bone marrow, to start to build a new immune system.

5th) Fasting kills old and damaged white blood cells, through a mechanism called autophagy, which gets activated by fasting.


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