Lemon As A Natural Remedy

By Genuine Gemstone | Superhuman Health | 14 Jun 2021

It is a well-known fact that lemon is a good anti-cold and anti-flu agent, but a few people know why... I decided to dig deeper and find the bottom of that iceberg. On the journey, I was escorted by Dr. Eric Berg's knowledge, which expanded my awareness regarding the health benefits of lemon!

Lemon water is among 4 drinks that we may drink during fasting and by doing so, enhance autophagy, a self-eating process that eats up old, damaged, and/or infected cells and produces new brain cells, heart cells, immune system cells, skin cells, and stem cells! This means lemon is a good anti-cancer agent, just as a great skin loss (fat burning) promoter!

Another thing that surprised me about lemon is that it maintains a "good" acid in our stomach needed to dissolve food, mostly proteins. It contains a whole lotta fiber, which our organism cannot dissolve on its own, but the good bacteria in the gut can, so lemon fiber is being transformed into Omega 3!

Lemon offers anti-inflammatory properties and speeds up white blood cells, which then fight cold, flu, or infections.

It lowers blood pressure and dissolves kidney stones. I replaced vinegar with lemon juice and noticed a great change in my health and physical endurance. Mostly because the higher percentage of proteins I intake is being dissolved and used as a fuel. Possibly that is the reason my hair is super shiny and strong (hair is mostly made of proteins).

It is an excellent skin cleanser that fixes the acne issue with ease. When cleaning your face with lemon, be careful, 'cause you don't want citric acid to come into contact with your eyes! Aside from that, there are no dangerous side effects. If you start cleaning your skin with lemon, you'll notice that your skin is softer, shiny, and looks younger.

Lemon is a good anti-anemia agent, as well, 'cause it raises the amount of iron our bodies use from the digested food.

All in all, it is a very refreshing fruit that offers plenty of benefits. Feel free to add some facts regarding lemons, if I forgot to include some.

Have a great day, ✌😊


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