Freewrite: Spiritual And Mental Benefits Of Monatomic Gold

Freewrite: Spiritual And Mental Benefits Of Monatomic Gold

Alpha brain waves are the state of mind between classic daily beta's business and the theta's drowsiness. When brains operate at alpha waves, individuals feel relaxed, both physically and mentally. That might be the reason why the greatest solutions and ideas come to life through the Alpha portal.

There are many different tips and tricks on unlocking and activating the alpha state of mind. In this article, I will share one particularly interesting and effective way but before I get into that, be warned. The consumption of the following mineral may kick you out of the sleep of your human senses too fast. Many people who are Earthly bound get freaked out when all of the sudden their spiritual side wakes up through the activation of the full mental capacity.

According to the Alpha Learning Institute that is based in Lugano, Switzerland, changing the state of mind the brain operates at may be as easy and as fast as switching the light on and off! That institute conducted research in 2003, on the effects of monatomic elements on the human mind (gold, silver, iridium, ruthenium), and what they discovered shocked me, to say at least.

Mr. Sean Adam from the institute said "The benefits of meditating for months were achieved in 3 seconds, according to EEG comparisons.". During the course of a six-week study at the Institute, the following effect was noted:

  • synchronization of both brain hemispheres, with simultaneous activity

Here is what Dr. Robert Dallas had to say about it: "Monatomic gold balances the differences in the strength of these frequency ranges between the right and the left hemispheres of the brain."

Based on their discoveries, we can conclude that monatomic gold is the most potent electrolyte, the so-called superconductor, which assists and speeds transmission of the energy, resulting in an overall greater both mental and physical capabilities of an individual. Allegedly, it also boosts the immune system and protects the cardiovascular system by strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

I found pictures of graphs from this particular research, but they're very small. Regardless of quality, I will share them with you!

a) EEG before monatomic gold

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b) EEG after monatomic gold

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"The increase in left-right balance and the increased emphasis on the alpha range between 7-10 hertz (the learning wave) is visible." Sean Adam

When asked how monatomic gold is being activated, he replied "the effect of monatomic gold is being activated once the monatomic element comes into contact with saliva.".

Since our bodies are bioelectric, it is not surprising that superconductors make us feel "more energetic"(they DO NOT create the energy, but enable our bodies to transmit it faster from one energetical point to the next). Perhaps, monatomic elements that are stable in a single-atom form also align our energetical points (a.k.a. chakra), thus, raising our spiritual awareness and "awakeness".

It is not a secret that we are being bombarded with all kinds of poisons that shut down our so-called "third" eyes, the portal between the human mind and the spiritual being. Once you begin consuming monatomic superconductors, soon, you'll find yourself waking up from the so-called "dream of an empty dead carcass", as the experience of the five physical senses has been described in the Nag-Hammadi library.

Minerals are the currency of life (according to Dr. Joel Wallach), so, instead of poisoning yourself with sugar, try tuning your physical vehicle (body) up with superconductors!


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