Freewrite: Honey Benefits Summarized

Freewrite: Honey Benefits Summarized

By Genuine Gemstone | Superhuman Health | 30 Aug 2021

My mind was blown away when I found out that 60 THOUSAND bees need to travel over 55 THOUSAND miles (combined) to produce only 500 grams of honey. Indeed, those little creatures should be praised for their efforts! In the end, it is all in vain, 'cause humans and bears steal their work away.

Even though is sweet, honey is healthy due to anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory (especially when mixed with a juice of a lemon and apple vinegar), and anti-allergy properties (thanks to pollen that builds up the human immune system). It may also lower blood pressure, and contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins!

According to Elisha Long, taking a few spoons of honey right before exercise is a wise choice, thanks to boron, that spikes testosterone. His claims were taken from the results of a study by Baylor University. The research proved that honey when taken 30-40 minutes prior to training maintains blood-glucose levels better than other carbohydrates. It also spikes nitric-oxide in the body, needed for the maintenance of the blood pressure (it also enhances the health of male genitals).

I do recommend raw (natural-organic) honey to everyone WHO IS NOT TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT (it is not KETO friendly). In case you're a diabetic, search for the "tupelo" honey. Another great honey is "Manuka", the unprocessed honey!

Old people in Slavic countries, especially Croatia and Slovenia had a habit of mixing raw honey with olive oil, then covering wounds. Once, when I was young and had a bicycle accident, my grandma covered my wounds with the mixture, and all wounds were gone before the next morning. Honey moisturizes the skin and makes it soft & glowy.

I am going to try out Elisha's suggestion, and let you know if I experienced any difference in results and endurance! Have a sweet day 😊


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