Dangers of Fruit Consumption

By Genuine Gemstone | Superhuman Health | 24 Dec 2021

Humans aren't supposed to be eating fruits all year round, especially not the fruits of hybrid strains whose cultivation includes and demands the usage of numerous cancerogenic chemicals. Perfidy, the importance of fruits has been equalized with the importance of vegetables, sometime during the early 1990s, by the American Department of Agriculture that was responsible for the process of making up the so-called "food pyramid". One would think "that's fine, farmers and agriculturalists know what they're talking about", but that's not the case, 'cause the American Department of Agriculture was made of and held by 40 major players of the food industry, predominantly well-known companies such as Monsanto, Nestle, and PepsiCo.

Interestingly enough, already in 1865, Sir William Banting came to the conclusion that the consumption of fruits should be limited to seasons, which is the reason he wrote and published the "Letter on Corpulence". In addition, post-WW2 (1948) research by Dr. Raymond Green has confirmed the legitimacy of William Banting's theory. In his book (The Practice of Endocrinology), Dr. Green has included the following foods to the list of those that should NOT be consumed:

  • bread

  • cereals

  • potatoes

  • fruits containing sugar

  • all sweets

Nowadays, we have results of scientific examinations which confirmed their (Sir Banting's and Sir Green's) statements as valid. You might say "oh, but white sugar (glucose) is not fructose, relax, fruit's sugar is healthy", which is exactly what I believed in prior to beginning to listen to Dr. Gary Fettke, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Gundry, professor Richard Johnson, and others. The first time I was told (by Dr. Berg) that fruits aren't healthy and I should quit consuming them, it got me infuriated, 'cause at that point, I had already given up on numerous unhealthy foods. "How can my diet be more monotonous than it already is? Please, don't touch my fruits!" I thought to myself while trying hard to talk my way into believing the same old lies about the "health benefits of fruits". Regardless of our emotions, wishes, and attitudes, facts will remain factual, which is why we should take a closer look at some of the DANGERS behind the consumption of fruits:

01) Fructose raises the uric acid level, which:

  • raises blood pressure

  • increases the rate of gout attacks

  • increases joint pain

  • causes flare-ups of skin conditions (like acne and eczema)

02) Fructose raises VLDL and triglycerides levels, which increases the risk of heart attack and/or having a stroke.

Research link:

03) Fructose increases the risk of having a fatty liver, fatty pancreas, and a fatty tongue (which is one of the main reasons why people develop the sleep-apnea).

Fructose Consumption As a Risk Factor For Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver:

Consequences of Fructose Overconsumption:

A hundred percent of fructose is being metabolized by the liver, yet, the liver is not hard to be put in an overwhelmed state, by which fatty liver is being developed, just as INSULIN RESISTANCE, visceral fat and high levels of cholesterol.

In addition, I recommend Dr. Eric Berg's video on this subject:

Here are studies that confirmed fructose can cause insulin resistance, a fertile ground for numerous diseases, including diabetes type II and Alzheimer:




04) Fructose causes leptin resistance, which causes satiety signals to decrease. Leptin resistance leads to increased fat storage, and the inability to turn off the hunger signals.

Scientific studies on this subject:




05) Fructose is the cause of many gut problems, especially a great increase in diarrhea and sometimes even constipation. There are "bad" fructose-loving bacteria living in the large intestine, that are being multiplied quicker when fed with fructose. As the result of multiplication, the good bacteria get outnumbered and "conquered".

06) When compared with glucose, fructose is 7 times greater at glycating the cells and tissues in the body, which leads to the production of AGEs, or, in other words, it ages the skin much quicker, and causes degeneration of joints.


The only fruit I'd recommend is lemon! Read more about the health benefits of lemon water: The Miraculous Lemon Water

If you're having issues with burning fat, giving up on glucose, and omega-6 rich foods might not be enough. Make a test: combine the KETO diet with intermittent fasting! The results will amaze you.

Thank you for reading!

Very truly yours; Gemstone


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