Beets - Boost Your Testosterone, Detox Your Liver & Dissolve Gallstones

Beets - Boost Your Testosterone, Detox Your Liver & Dissolve Gallstones

By Genuine Gemstone | Superhuman Health | 13 Sep 2021

Without healthy testosterone levels, the entire civilization will collapse, for balance is the key to survival (masculine-feminine balance). The "Dark Forces" that run the world need to feminize men, in order to prevent their revolt against corruption, and injustice. When we compare test results from the 1970s of 70 years old men, and test results from 2020 of 25 years old men, we see that 70 years old men had higher testosterone levels than men have these days during their prime years. That is staggering, but why? What happened? Where did it all go wrong?

Well, one of the reasons can be found in the kitchen!

"You are what you eat" Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Most foods available in supermarkets contain one or another form of estrogen-rich ingredients, predominantly soy. I've even found meat products that contain soy! Aside from that, there are materials that release different forms of estrogen. Most widely used are plastic bottles and Teflon pans.

Men might feel discriminated against when comes to food selection, because healthy & testosterone-rich foods are expensive, yet, tasty & estrogenic foods are available to everyone. Unfortunately, most men cannot afford to eat healthily, and therefore, be healthy. Health has been turned into a profitable business. It is one of the reasons why I want to share my knowledge of nutrition and gardening skills with you! There are vegetables such as beets, that are easy to grow, cheap, tasty, and yet, extremely beneficial for wellbeing!

Let me share a few benefits of beets consumption:

  • Liver detoxification: beets are high in antioxidants, choline, betalain, and certain nutrients that dissolve fat & neutralize toxins in the liver.

  • Beets boost the production of testosterone and reduce estrogen levels (they're great hormonal balancers in general. Perhaps, the best choice for men that struggle with high estrogen levels!). Once your testosterone levels increase, you'll notice greater endurance, more stamina, better workouts, etc.

  • Beets lower blood pressure and contain nitric oxide, which improves blood flow, means beets improve the health of genitalia, cardiovascular health, and make your workout routines easier for your body to handle, 'cause blood vessels relax. If you feel nausea while exercising, try eating beets two days in a row, and you'll notice a great improvement in endurance!

  • Lutein and zeaxanthin found in beets also offer great eye protection!

  • Folate found in beets prevents DNA damage!

  • Even though they're sweet, beets contain a lot of vitamin C, which speeds up the work of white blood cells, making your immune system quicker and more capable! Beets are also loaded with vitamins B6 & B9 that support the production and development of cells! Beets offer a variety of minerals, as well, predominantly potassium, manganese, and copper, a quite unusual combination.

  • Beets and beet top easily dissolve gallstones!

  • Beet fiber promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut!

  • Betalains have anti-cancerogenic properties, which means beets have the potential of eradicating cancer cells.


I always recommend raw vegetables, in order to preserve enzymes that come along, but if you insist on cooking beets, make sure you don't overcook them, otherwise, the health benefits they offer might decrease significantly. You shall be able to find them in shops for no more than a Euro per kilogram! Since they can handle storage periods as well as tomatoes, I recommend storing as many beets as possible now when they're fresh!


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