The Dip

By Supablancas | Crytpo Blog | 20 Apr 2021

This first post I wish to be more interactive than lecturing. If anyone tells you they’re a crypto expert.....RUN. No one knows with a certainty what’s going to happen next and where Bitcoin or even more vaguely, alt coin numbers will go. Some claim 1 million for Bitcoin, I’ve heard others saying it will never hit 100k (at least this bull market). Be careful what you read and more importantly do your own research.

A few years ago I started as a fresh crypto investor and I’m still learning for that matter. I’ve never invested in anything I didn’t understand or at least saw a real world case for utility in. This “movement” if you will is similar to the .com rage 2 decades ago. There will be a weeding out of unproven projects and coins and the quality is what will be left. That’s why as with many altcoins, after the bull market 90% of them will fade and fail. More hype than sustainable income(dogecoin especially, although I will say fads tell us much about the current mental state of the general populace). Knowing which projects will survive and have a future is the key. Then having the patience to endure the volatility. Had you invested a $1000 in eth for example back when it traded at $10 an ether, you would have over 200k today. However you would’ve had to endure multiple crashes and tempting sell points to get here. 

When I first started crypto I almost immediately left. I couldn’t handle the ups and downs. Now I see it as a part of journey. If you too wish to hop on the train you will need a stomach of steel and the balls not to sell when, case in point, your invest drops 20% as what happened to most alt coins these past few days.

I’ve rambled enough. If you’d like answers to questions on crypto, my thoughts on current states of coins, or just general knowledge, please, feel free to comment.


To financial freedom!

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