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Is making $ 500- $ 2000 / month possible with Brave browser?

By SumiSan | sumisanblog | 14 May 2020

  • Hi San's friends, San hasn't written a new post about how to make money online. Recently saw the brothers making MMO stirring making money from using the simple Brave browser and CRISIS income. There are lots of articles about Brave, subscriptions and making money online, but this will be the most detailed article you'll ever read, believe me! Making money from Brave has appeared since 2018, now I find it Hot, so it has just been approached. There are many people who earn tens of millions, hundreds of millions a month, have real evidence, I feel reputable, so I started to make money with Brave and write this article to introduce readers of San examination. So let's find out what is Brave? How to make money offline.WHAT IS BRAVE? Brave is a free web browser that uses open source Chromium similar to Chrome, Coc Coc ... However, it is further customized to increase security, speed up browsing, as well as block unwanted ads. Hoang Hoang aims to make a difference with other types of browsers. Brave is built and operated on the Blockchanin platform and uses a token called BAT (Basic Attention Token). Brave users can also receive this BAT token and when you introduce others using Brave browser you will receive more BAT, which is the key of this article. Keep reading the following sections below to understand more.

    Page loading speed is 3-6 times faster than other browsers, San has also downloaded and used it, it is very smooth and simple interface is streamlined. From 2019, users can download and use the Brave browser on phones (iOS, Android). Easily import data from another browser to Brave to use as the old browser. For example, you are using familiar Chrome, like me, passwords and history and bookmarks stored on Chrome, you worry when you switch to the brand new Brave browser, those things will be lost ?? Do not worry! Brave is smarter when helping users to import all data from the old browser to Brave, you can continue using Brave as the previous browser without any difficulties in bookmarks, history, passwords, etc. No worry of being bothered by ads is what makes Brave's name, built-in ad blocking function, you do not have to worry when watching movies on websites as well as watching youtube but being annoyed by ads anymore. Yen, Brave blocked all. Very good, Brave can be used on computers and phones too, so if you watch youtube with the app will still be bothered by ads, but if you watch youtube with Brave browser, be assured that there are no ads.

    With Brave there are 3 ways to make money as follows: Make money by surfing the web, watching ads - this way in Vietnam is very boring and does not work, so I frankly you can ignore it, do not care. Make money by publishing content to users - this way is good but it is simple, you have a YouTube channel with many viewers, or a website with many visits, also oke, when users use the Brave browser to watch the channel YTB, or surf your web / blog, you will receive COIN. Instructions link below. Make money by introducing more users - this way earns more but requires you to work hard to introduce other users to use the oke, time-consuming effects are tremendous, in Vietnam there are many many people have earned hundreds of millions per month thanks to Brave's introduction, since 2018 they have earned billions of dong, evidence I have summarized at the end of the post or you can find out more on google, facebook and youtube , they all share

  • How to make money and withdraw money from BAT includes the following general basic steps: Step 1: Install and use the Brave browser (can be used both on phones and computers). Note that you have to set Brave as the default browser and use it regularly every day for 30 days to receive this money. Similarly, when you introduce more people, the other person must use continuously for 30 days so you and the introduced person will receive a bonus. Note reminders who are recommended this content. Step 2: Sign up for an account in the Brave Publisher Program to get referrals for others and earn more income. Add your website / blog, or YouTube channel to confirm registration, note that if you do not have your own website, you can set up a new youtube channel to verify. Setting up a new Youtube channel is simple and not difficult at all. Step 3: Sign up for a Uphold account and link to Brave to withdraw money to the bank.

    Download Brave browser using the following link:

    As mentioned above, if you download it under my referral link then after 30 days, you and I will both receive a bonus and you will be supported by my guidance when you want to make more money. If you download elsewhere you probably won't get anything. Brave can be used for all operating systems including computers (MacOS, Window) and phones (Android, iOS). Should you use any device, then click on the link above to download also.
  • kiem-tien-voi-brave-1.png
  • Click download to download Browser. The installation time is similar to that of installing Chrome or Coccoc. Wait a few minutes to install.
  • kiem-tien-voi-brave-2.png
  • After installing the browser Brave will appear like that. Click Let’s go to see more of this browser More interestingly, you can import data from other browsers to Brave, as mentioned earlier. I like this relatively and find it reasonable.
  • After importing, your Brave browser will now be no different from the old browser you are using. Very convenient. Continue to click Next. At the end, you can turn on Brave Rewards so you can earn extra money by watching ads and getting tips from others to tip you. Personally, I think this earns a little, so you should not bother.
  • Download Brave browser using the following link:

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