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Stronghands Protocol News: DOGE on PulseChain Partnership, New Upcoming AI Partnership, Telegram Updates and More!

Welcome back everyone! Today, I have some updates to share about the Stronghands Protocol regarding our recent partnership announcement with DOGE on PulseChain, a new partnership that's going to incorporate AI into our protocol, updates to our Telegram group and some new content made by our amazing community! Let's get right into it!

DOGE on PulseChain Partnership Announcement

Firstly, I am delighted to announce that we have officially partnered with DOGE on PulseChain! We have lots planned with their wonderful team and vibrant community, so stay tuned for more updates! For example, we currently are both working on a brand new utility that will serve Stronghands and DOGE on PulseChain alike. That's all I can share for now, so be sure to join us on our DiscordTelegram and Twitter to get all our updates the moment they go live!

DOGE on PulseChain Moon

Brand New AI Partnership

Secondly, Stronghands Protocol is currently working on a partnership that is going to implement Artificial Intelligence into our protocol with a utility that has never been seen before on PulseChain, or even in the entire crypto space as a whole! Get ready for a censorship-free product that's going to be taking the future of productivity in crypto and beyond to new heights! More information will come soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates 👀👀👀!

New Partnership Teaser

New Telegram Topic: Community Content

Thirdly, our Telegram group has received yet another upgrade, with a brand new Topic that's going to be giving back to our community! This topic is: Community Content! You may ask: Why is this Topic so special? Well, all community content (including articles, videos, art, music, etc.) posted in this Topic regarding all our developments over at the Stronghands Protocol will receive their very own shoutout on our official Twitter (and on my personal Twitter too), and get their very own shoutout at the end of my next article! Just like the one you are reading right now ;). Speaking of which:

Community Content Topic

Crypto Africa Gaming Studios: YouTube Shoutout

Our first piece of community content that has found its way on our newest Topic is a video by Crypto Africa Gaming Studios! In his video, he describes multiple different DeFi protocols on PulseChain and their news, including us at the end! Thank you so much for the shoutout, and we hope to see much more of your content in the future about all our new developments, which there are plenty more coming soon! 

Perza Media: Capitalizing on Stronghands 3D's Potential

Our second piece of community content that has found its way on our newest Topic is an excellent article about Stronghands 3D by Dawayne Perza (Perza Media) on Hex Me! This article describes in depth how our hourglass contracts work, including a description of our unique Price Floor contract. Furthermore, as the title suggests, it explains how users can capitalize off Stronghands 3D and its unique way of providing dividends to single asset investors. Thank you so much for the article, and for all your other articles before this one, Dawayne! We look forward to more of your amazing content about Stronghands!

Perza Media Article

As always, thank you for reading, this is not financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain! I appreciate all your support! You guys can follow me on Twitter and on Medium. If you want to support me further and support the work I do on the Stronghands Protocol team, consider using my PLSX3D referral link and INC3D referral link to get into any of the respective contracts, I really appreciate it!


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