Stronghands Protocol May Updates

Stronghands Protocol May News: PLS3D Launch, SDE Token Updates, Sacrifice 3D Improvements and More!

Welcome back friends! Today, I have even more news coming straight from the Stronghands Protocol for the month of May! Specifically, for our launch of PLS3D on PulseChain, the cancellation and refund of our Market Generation Event for our SDE token, the quality of life improvements for our Sacrifice3D game and more so stay tuned!

PLS3D Launched in the Wake of PulseChain Launch

As many of you already know, PulseChain has finally been launched, and we as a team over at the Stronghands Protocol decided to employ our novel hourglass and 3D token technology in order to launch PLS3D! PLS3D isn't that different to our other 3D tokens (MATIC3D, FTM3D, CRO3D and BNB3D), although this is the first to be launched on a chain as new as PulseChain! You can also learn more about our 3D tokens here, so feel free to read this article for additional context and check our our Stronghands 3D docs here.

PLS3D User Interface

SDE Token MGE Cancelled and Refunded

Furthermore, after careful consideration, we as a team at the Stronghands Protocol decided to cancel the Market Generation Event (MGE) for our Stronghands DEX Elite (SDE) Token that would have been launched to accompany our DEX, Stronghands DEX. This also includes the DEX itself, which received almost no volume whatsoever during its operation. The MGE also raised very little capital, eventually stagnating completely, prompting us to scrap it altogether. Do not worry, as all contributors were refunded in full and informed about this decision. This decision also allows us to use more of our resources to improve our NFTs and 3D token technology, which has seen relative success compared to our DEX and anticipated DEX token. This brings me to our next piece of news that reflects this re-allocation of resources, the improvement of our Sacrifice3D game!

SDE Cancellation Announcement

Sacrifice3D Quality of Life Improvements

Now for our Sacrifice3D updates! What is Sacrifice3D you may ask? Well, it is basically a game with a very simple concept. Essentially, 5 players deposit a fixed amount of tokens. Once there are 5 players, a sacrifice is chosen. The 4 players who aren't chosen to be the sacrifice are given 120% of their tokens, while the sacrifice receives the dividends earned by the game from its respective 3D token contract and the rest of the tokens help increase the price floor of the respective 3D token. This means that if the respective 3D contract (BNB3D for BNB deposited on BSC, FTM3D for FTM deposited on Fantom, etc.) receives enough volume of the respective 3D token, the sacrifice can actually end up winning more money than the other players in the game, ensuring that every player basically wins some tokens for free! Moreover, what is this quality of life improvement you may ask? Well, we actually increased the amount of PLS tokens required to play Sacrifice3D on PulseChain to 5000 PLS, making it more gas efficient and more worth it to play the game so that each player isn't losing more on gas fees than the extra tokens they receive by winning! Want to participate and take advantage of this game yourself? Just hop on over to our website and connect to either BSC, Fantom Opera, Cronos, Polygon or PulseChain to participate in Sacrifice3D using the native token of each of the chains we support! Keep in mind that each game is different per chain, so stay vigilant for each of the sacrifice dividends!

Sacrifice 3D Improvements

Stronghands Protocol Fireside Chat Updates

Finally, another change this month over at the Stronghands Protocol is that we will no longer be hosting our Stronghands Protocol Fireside Chat every Tuesday due to the fact that we simply did not have enough to talk about during each week. However, we will instead be hosting our Fireside Chats when we have really special events going on, so stay tuned for the next one. Regardless of these changes, Donny, Mantrid and I are always available if you have any questions about all the work we've been doing to put the community first, so don't hesitate to join us in voice chat or ask us a question on our DiscordTelegram and our Twitter. It's always a pleasure to meet new people and everyone is welcome, including like minded projects looking for yet another partnership!

Fireside Chat Post

I would also like to personally apologize to all of you for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, as I have been recovering from a concussion and have been unable to look at light and use technology very often, preventing me from writing articles without developing a nasty headache. Expect even more updates coming soon! As always, thank you for reading, this is not financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain! I appreciate all your support! You guys can follow me on Twitter and on Medium.


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