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Function Island Launches Island Farm, Roadmap, and More!

Welcome back folks! We've been super busy here at Function Island to bring you the very best PulseChain has to offer! Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our very own Island Farm (yield farm) is now live (as of March 23rd)! I'll be delving into all the details in the rest of this of this article, so stay tuned folks!

Island Farm Launch

Firstly, we are ecstatic to present to you the launch of our Island Farm! Our launch was an absolute success, and we have reached over $300k in Total Value Locked (TVL) within the first 4 days! Here, you can stake your favorite PulseChain assets to earn our new $FARM token! You might be wondering: What assets are available to stake? 

$FARM Chart

Single Sided Staking

If you are looking to stake individual tokens without all that dreaded impermanent loss, we've got you covered! As of launch, you can stake your $WPLS, $GOAT and $ISLAND to earn $FARM, with many more assets to come! There is also currently a 3% deposit fee on each pool, which will go directly to our Treasury to help bolster liquidity and ecosystem health. Moreover, we are working on multiple partnerships to further increase our number of pools, so keep your eyes peeled for any news! 

Single Sided Staking

LP Staking/Farming

For those of you who prefer to stake/farm LP tokens, you've come to the right place! You can pair all the $FARM you've earned from our Single Sided Staking pools to either $WPLS, $DAI, $ISLAND, $GOAT, $iBOND, $iDAI, $PLSX or $IMPLS to earn even more $FARM! We also have LP farms for the ISLAND-DAI and ISLAND-PLS pairs! You can make LP tokens to farm on the PulseX dex! Furthermore, we'll be adding plenty of blue-chip pools directly from PulseX for all you folks who love those massive gains with high liquidity tokens! As a side note, all LP farms possess a 2% deposit fee. You may also be wondering what iDAI and iBOND are, which are some more of our new tokens that will function in our very own stablecoin system! More news on that later.

LP Farms

More to Come

Finally, we have plenty more things coming your way folks! We have released our roadmap, and are currently working on launching plenty more farms! Below is our roadmap, and we are planning much more than what is currently listed! Be sure to join us on our PulseChain revolution today by following us on our Twitter/X, joining our Telegram and checking out our website to learn more and stay up to date with the latest Function Island news!


As always, thank you for reading, this is not financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain! I appreciate all your support! You guys can follow me on Twitter/X and on Medium. If you want to support me further and support the work I do on the Function Island team, consider leaving a tip and following our socials, we really appreciate it!


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