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Degen Donny NFTs Have Been Migrated to BSC

Welcome back friends! Today, I’ll be talking about the migration of Stronghands Protocol’s Degen Donny NFTs and what this means for you. Trust me, it’s all to benefit the average holder, and you'll find out in this article😎. 

Why We Decided To Migrate

Firstly, we decided to migrate the NFTs due to the outrageous gas costs on Ethereum. Now that the NFTs are on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the price of minting and transferring them will be a few cents instead of a few dollars. Secondly, many members of our community, including myself, made many different wallets to mint more NFTs, since each wallet could only mint a maximum of 5 for the NFT contracts on Ethereum. Thirdly, each NFT had to be minted one by one on Ethereum, which is a hassle and costs more gas. These were just some things that our community brought to light and wanted changed, which we always take to heart here at the Stronghands Protocol. Finally, most of our other offerings are on BSC, so it only made sense to migrate them to better integrate them into our entire robust ecosystem, including our upcoming SDE token 😎. So, what does this mean for you?

Degen Donny NFTs

Cheaper Gas Costs

To begin, the NFT migration means that all gas costs related to the Degen Donny NFTs will be a lot cheaper. All transactions, including minting, staking (upcoming), transferring and delisting will be equivalent to the gas prices on Binance Smart Chain, instead of Ethereum. As you can see below, this is a lot cheaper than the 2$-5$ you needed to transfer your NFTs on Ethereum. Now you can get even better value from your mints!

Transfer Gas Price

Mint Cap Removed

Secondly, the 5 NFT mint cap per wallet has now been removed for the Degen Donny NFTs on BSC! Now you can enjoy minting as many as you possibly want, without having to make a bunch of burner wallets and waste money transferring them to your main wallet.

Item Quantity

Mint Multiple NFTs At Once

Thirdly, the NFT migration has allowed the new NFT contract on BSC to be built with batch minting enabled. This means you can now mint more than one NFT at once! Enjoy your faster minting and cheaper transaction fees as a result! 

Mint NFT Page

Change In Stablecoin For Payouts and Minting

Fourthly, the Degen Donny NFTs with now payout their lucrative gifts in $USDC instead of $DAI. This also applies to minting as well, so keep that in mind if you’d like to mint more.

USDC Mint Price

What You Have To Do

Besides understanding what happened during the migration and what changed, absolutely nothing! All your NFTs on Ethereum have been migrated to your same wallet address on BSC, and you will still be receiving monthly gifts of stablecoins (now $USDC) just for holding!

Compatibility With Stronghands DEX

Finally, now that the NFTs are on BSC, they will be compatible with contracts deployed for the Stronghands DEX, so stay tuned for even more rewards and utility for Degen Donny NFT holders! Mint yours today here, and continuously reap the benefits of our community! Only 284/1000 NFTs remain, so mint some before it is too late!

Stronghands DEX Elite

If you are interested in the Stronghands Protocol, come and join our DiscordTelegram and follow us on Twitter and tell them that The DeFi Prince sent you! We welcome you all! As always, thank you for reading, this is not financial advice, do your own research and stay safe on the blockchain! I appreciate all your support! You guys can follow me on Twitter and on Medium.


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