How to make the swap from Stratis QT wallet to Strax - with video

How to make the swap from Stratis QT wallet to Strax - with video

By Bogdanel | Stratis Fans | 23 Nov 2020


Please find below  how can you migrate your Strat coins from QT wallet to Strax wallet.


Steps :


If you want to get funds out of QT wallet and start swap procedure : be sure to have the latest version of QT wallet . You can download it from here :    


Please note that in order to make the SWAP is not mandatory to be fully sync but is mandatory to have QT !!




Obtain Address Ownership Tool

The AddressOwnerShipTool must be used to prove ownership of funds; please download the relevant package to your device using the release page below.

2. Extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a safe location on the device where your Stratis Wallet is located.



StratisX/QT Recovery Process : 

1. Open StratisX that contains your wallet  (Be sure to unlock your wallet before starting  !)

2. Once loaded; open the console via “Help > Debug Window > Console”

3. Enter the below command: dumpwallet “<filepath>.txt”

4.Open CMD or PowerShell and navigate to the location where the AddressOwnershipTool was stored.
The simplest way to achieve this is to open the folder where the tool was stored and type CMD into the navigation bar and hit ENTER. This will open a new instance of CMD in the opened directory

5.Now call the AddressOwnershipTool executable with the following command:
AddressOwnershipTool.exe -privkeyfile=“C:\Users\StratisUser\Desktop\WalletBackup\wallet.txt” -destination=destinationaddress
Please replace “destinationaddress” with YOUR STRAX Address.

A CSV file will be created in the directory where you launched the AddressOwnershipTool, named the same as your destination STRAX address, containing signatures, signed with your private key for each of the addresses contained within your wallet.

7. Upload this CSV to STRAX Token Swap Process Form



Tips in $strax : XWmKHH55PapgwRExu4oAdSKrQfu9imvj1N






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